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[] Sage identities in AC Valhalla and ancillary material

Content of the article: "[] Sage identities in AC Valhalla and ancillary material"

While Sage might not be the most accurate categorization since the mechanics are different than what happens with Aita and his ilk we don't really have a better term unless we want to go with Abstergo's hyper-hominids (which I don't) so I am just using Sage. If you've finished Valhalla (or even if you haven't) you might have realized that quite a couple of these appear or are mentioned/alluded to in the game.

To start off we have the old school Aita Sages:

  • Brendan of Clonfert: 5th century Irish Saint known for traveling to a mystical land west of the Brtitsh Isle. This is the guy leaving the notes at the Standing Stones; finds his to the Grand Temple but like many others can't open it without an Apple
  • Regna: young girl in London noted for having heterochromia; dissected by the Order; we don't really know if she was a Sage or not just that the Order believed that she might be; there are notes around town stating that a few other individuals with the trait have gone missing recently

Now on to the Aesir and getting the obvious ones out of the way:

  • Eivor: Odin
  • Sigurd: Tyr
  • Svala: Freyja
  • Basim: Loki
  • Rig: Heimdallr; this guy is the main character of the Rigsogur pages that are scattered around the map; he was born about a century before the game takes place and died c 860s after looking for Basim in Constantinople
  • Halfdan: Thor; kills his serpent (Faravid) but its too late and he's already dying of poison (lead toxicity)
  • Faravid: Sif?; has the mark on his neck; despite the events with Halfdan Jormangandr doesn't make sense with what we see in the Hidden Truth video so maybe a genderbent Sif who while married to Thor still possibly had a bit of a rocky relationship
  • Gull: Idunn?; this character shows up in the Song of Glory prequel comic I theorized Idunn because an Apple that also shows up in the comic being called Idunn's bounty; while her fate in the comics is ambiguous I hope she reappears in the Wrath of the Druids DLC as Ireland has its share of Golden Apple myths
  • ???: Bragi?; the identity of the last individual I have very little to go off of; if Gull is Idunn it makes sense that the final Aesir could be Idunn's husband Bragi; in the tie-in novel Geirmund's Saga their is a IRL individual also named Bragi Boddasson (not our in-game helmsman) that shows some clairvoyance: author Matt Kirby has not confirmed anything but notes that Bragi is definitely mysterious
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Other possible "sages":

  • Mithras: The Order makes its base in Temples to Mithras, Mithra was also mentioned in Altair's codex in AC II alongside Attis, Horus, Dionysus, Krishna, and Jesus as Altair speculates about their similar mythologies
  • Jesus: building on the above; the priest Alcuin in a letter that signed his death noted that he was unable to find out if the Order believed Jesus to be a Sage; one thing I was disappointed to see missing (especially after Darby's quote of how Valhalla would have call backs to all sorts of previous media) was mention of the Chalice which in Altair's Chronicles was a person in what I believe to be a reference to the Priory of Sion hoax and bloodline of Christ theory

These are all that I could find; there is probably stuff that I missed though. If anyone has any theories I'd love to here them.


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