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Seriously? There is still no fix for the glitch where the final reveal quest never triggers?

Content of the article: "Seriously? There is still no fix for the glitch where the final reveal quest never triggers?"

I've put over 100 hours into this game, 100%ing every single territory one at a time.

The Father's identity was obvious pretty early and then when turning in my last medallions after killing all the members of the Order + Zealots (after Wincestre arc but BEFORE I finished the whole story and completed Hamtinscire arc), I even had a full exchange with Hytham about it. Eivor mentions one of the medallions being King Alfraed's and how he had turned on the Order, etc. It was so absurd from a narrative timing standpoint that I thought I missed something or that there would be more to come, especially since in my Order tab the Father's identity was still showing as not revealed and telling me to continue the story to get the final clue. So I receive my prize from Hytham and whatnot and proceed to wear that as I complete the main story and the Hamtinscire arc, having no idea anything was wrong other than being pretty disappointed at how little sense it's making narratively (considering King Alfraed is a part of the Hamtinscire arc and no mention is made that I had ALREADY revealed him as the Father, etc.)

So finally after I complete everything there is to complete, 100% every single territory, completing every mission and story arc, fully upgraded settlement, etc. I'm sitting here wondering what the fuck I'm supposed to do to officially check off "The Father" and 100% the game. There is nothing. As someone who really enjoys immersion when gaming, I finally decided fuck it I'll google it and I find out this is a common glitch with reported instances dating back to late November? And there is no fix? Are you kidding? Apparently Hytham is supposed to spawn in front of the longhouse and give you a quest and for those of us affected by this glitch it just never happens. Not to mention the fact that the reveal was already made during an exchange with Hytham well before I had even completed the game (when I handed in those medallions) which just adds to the annoyance because it completely threw off the entire narrative.


I've invested over 100 hours into a game only to find out I'm unable to complete it and see the final bullshit quest / scene with the "big reveal" because of a month-old glitch where it's spoiled too early and can't be recovered? I can't believe such a glaring and game-breaking glitch even exists, but seeing through google searches that it's actually quite common and has been happening for over a month on a brand new game is insane to me. What a waste. I hope this didn't / doesn't happen to others because it truly ruins what is otherwise a very beautiful and enjoyable story and game experience. Makes me feel like the time I wasted completing each mystery / artifact / wealth in each territory before moving on was just pure wasted hours because I'm prevented from ever 100%ing the game as it stands.

TLDR: Game-breaking glitch not only spoils the Father's identity (and rewards you with the final prize) before completing the story but then also prevents you from ever officially completing the story later on. Relatively common and entirely unfixable so far.


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