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Skaldic Songs – English lyrics and zone unlocks

I've really wanted to get the English versions and English lyrics for all the skaldic songs. I still can't find actual recordings of the English versions I can listen to outside of the game, but I did sit down and listen to all the songs I've unlocked so far about a half dozen times to figure out the lyrics. I decided to share them here, along with links to the Spotify versions of the music. They are listed by the zone you unlock them in.

I'm not quite done with the game yet (just finished Cent and Sciropscire) so there may be a couple more songs to unlock. Also, I had trouble with a few individual lyrics so if you have corrections please comment.

Potentially very minor spoilers for the different zones, as the songs often have something to do with the events of that zone's story arc.


Harken well in hall of kings

On ocean’s steed my words gain wings

Odin’s mead I thought will bring

For noble deeds thine honor sing

The brave men slain, Valkyrie waits

Rewards for strain to Valhalla takes

Then horns resound the mighty hall

For those who fight for those who fall

For those who fight for those who fall

War-Lord weaves his web of fear

Each man gets his fated share

All blood-red surged the warrior shield

Ravens scan the battlefield

Ravens scan the battlefield

The meat and blades, a trail of red

Til Odin gaze upon the dead

Then horns resound the mighty hall

For those who fight for those who fall

For those who fight for those who fall

May horns resound the mighty hall

For we who fight for we who fall

Grantebridgescire – “To Friendship”

If you have a friend

One that’s truly trusted

And one’s good to grow(?) of your friendship

Often should you speak

Trade many gifts

Visit and find him often

If you have an another

One that you mistrust

Still you want to profit from him

Kindly you should speak

And flatter you give

His treachery repaid with your own

This same friend

If you mistrust him

And suspect him to be false in his words

You should talk with him

Laugh with him

But repay just what he gives you

I was young once

I walked alone

And became lost in my way

I felt I was rich

When I met another

Man’s joy is found in others

Man’s joy is found in others

Ledecestrescire – “Days Are Numbered”

Dark is the shadowed throne

And disorder of the land, dethrone

Plans tangle as they go down

A stubborn monarch’s head uncrowned

Fiercely eyed and flaming pride

Mercia’s men are called to strife

With fire in heart rode the warrior forth

To redden the road to Repton

The king’s guard struck by shame

Loss has robbed repute and name

No matter our hero choose

I fear that there is none to lose

Award him life or incite the kill

His days remained few numbered still

East Anglia – “The Words Of The Raven”

Have you heard of the king

He who lives in tales(?)

Lord of all northern lands

He who rules deeps and caves

Reddened spears

And bloody shields

Tossed(?) oaken oars

And foam flecked sails

Loaded were they with men

And shields of whitened hue

Western spears I know them well

And Frankish swords all a-new

Merciless howls and bitter shields

As battle dawned on the waves

Wolf-men wailed and cried aloud

Waived their spears up high

Glad we are now

As battle nears

Arrows range high

And oars they swing

Fetters are broken

Oarlocks crushed setting forth

Lunden – “Honor To The Generous”

Generous lord, soon I’ll praise

For those who stint my words, to stingy praise

Openly I’ll sing the truest deeds

But silence keep on slanderous lies

For boasting men I am full of scorn

But willingly I speak of worthy friends

Courts of kings I many have sought

A gallant minstrel of mild mood and eye

Far too long lesser men have sought

To tame this town and drain its blood

Thus it is time, open the wounds

Drawn its poison, behead the snake

Oxenefordscire – “The Steadfast Skald”

Only one sired have I, son

Before hailing(?) you

Now your scar is worn by time(?)

And I wish not to serve a thane

Faithful to my king

Never known falseness

I’ll follow your flag

Until my time to cross the bridge of the beyond


As the cloak of night falls

Twilight is turning

Man and his murk

To one and in the shadows lurk

The silent hunter

The (?) ghost

I am the shadow incarnate

Yet unlike yours, I sting

Sciropescire – “Lust For Battle”

Up we raise our shining blades

Like wolf teeth they brightly glitter

Now the time for bravery calls us

Fearlessness shall mark our deeds

Long before the night has fallen

Our howls from under shields be heard

Spears and arrows rip the air

Roaring blades resound so grimly

Long I’ve railed with blood red blades

Charged the fields with thunderous spears

Well-fed are the ravens who follow my trail

Viking hordes thrusting forward


Early should he rise

He who seeks to take

Another’s life for own(?)

Seldom does the limping wolf snatch his prey

Nor the sleeping man his victory

From his weapons when in open land

Keep no more than one step away

It’s uncertain to know when on the open roads

The knee falls upon the spear(?)

The lame(?) man rides, the handless drives the herd

The deaf man fights and wins

To be blind is better than to burn

A corpse is of use to none


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