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Some tips from someone who’s played the game for 120h

Some of these may or may not already be known but I figured I'd share some of the little stuff I've learned throughout the game. I think these are most fitting for beginners but hopefully, you'll learn something new here no matter how experienced you are with the game. Let me know if you have any questions or if anything is unclear and feel free to correct me if you find anything is wrong.

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General tips

  • When moving down wells, if you find yourself stuck and hopping around the rim instead of going down, hold B/Circle/C and point the left joystick down/press S.
  • You can use the ability Incendiary Power Trap to blow up stone obstacles. No more looking around for explosive pots. Just make sure you have some Adrenaline first. If you shoot it and it doesn't activate you can simply shoot the trap with a regular arrow and I think you can even melee it.
  • If you're having trouble winning flyting matches, try to read the options out loud or in your head. The best responses are the ones that both rhyme and have the same flow or rhythm as your opponent's last line.
  • If you're having trouble winning drinking games, try to perform the directional queues, i.e the ones that tell you to press A & D/move the left joystick left and right, before you drink. If you don't drink and the circle reaches the middle, it just starts over again, you won't be punished for not drinking.
  • To find out if something is breakable, simply hover the cursor above it, if you can break it with the arrow, or a melee attack, the cursor will become red.
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Collection tips

  • When you're in an area looking for a way to get to/inside a building, pay close attention to your surroundings. Don't be afraid to look around 100m away from where the collectible is. Any relevant items like keys are usually within this distance.
  • If you see anything that gives you arrows around the area like a trunk, dead wolf, etc. you're supposed to shoot something. You can use Odin's sight to look for red, shootable items. If you're in a cursed area, you're most likely just supposed to shoot the cursed symbol.
  • Don't forget to look wherever you can. Go around, look up, down, and all around. Climb around the entire building, you might find something breakable, moveable, or just an open window.
  • When collecting tattoos, try not to sprint as this will basically make Eivor's parkour exaggerated and he/she will go anywhere but where you need to go. The best thing, I've found is to just follow it and hold A/X/Space
  • I've heard that this will get patched out, but you can also use the ability Blinding Rush to catch tattoo designs. But remember that it can only be activated on a flat surface. So you can't for example activate it while climbing.
  • If you have to get inside an area where there is a barricaded door or doors there are two different solutions. Either you're supposed to shoot the door from somewhere, or you're supposed to get into the room without breaking the door. If you can't find any windows and gaps that allow you to shoot the door, try to look around and see if you can move or break something that allows you to get inside. Sometimes you might even have to get there from below by climbing or diving.
  • You can use Sunin to find and mark anything from animals to keys, opals, and titanium. From what I've seen, there seems to be at least two Opals in every town.
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Combat tips

  • If you're feeling overwhelmed by a group of enemies, the Throwing Axe Fury ability is a great way to distribute damage to multiple enemies at once. You can also use it to break shields and therefore, knock enemies to the ground, allowing you to stomp them.
  • Don't forget about weak points. If you're having a tough time with an enemy like a Drengr, Zealot, or a Legendary animal, you can pull out your bow to see their weak points. There are usually three on those types of enemies. Shooting them will bring down their defense and allow you to perform a powerful Stun Attack. You can also bring down an enemy's defense by parrying their blockable attacks.
  • If you're low on health and out of rations, you can attack an enemy to regain a bit of health. I suggest going after smaller enemies when attempting this.

Happy raiding, fellow Vikings!


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