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[SPOILER!!!] Eivor is being used!

Okay, so before I get into this theory of mine; here is a warning for everyone. If you have not beaten the game ( like myself ) or haven't played yet, and don't want the game to be ruined. Then I highly suggest that you stop reading right here, as there will be spoilers from this point on.

Now, for everyone else who chose to stay and continued to read. Remember when we got that quest as havi in the Asgard arc where we gotta find a way to keep ourselves immortal? Well, what if we were actually playing as Havi since the very start of the game itself; using Eivor as a host? Jumping from one body, to the next when it expires.

So when we the players chose to roam around as either male Eivor or female Eivor, we were just actually choosing to either see Havi ( a.k.a male Eivor ) or Eivor herself ( a.k.a female Eivor ). What if that he had been body jumping for so long, that he eventually forgot most of his own past; while convincing himself that he is Eivor.

Meaning that the psychedelic trips that we take thanks to Valka, and her special brew that I am sure would anyone hallucinate extensively; are actually his own repressed memories that we are reliving. At certain points when Eivor thinks that Havi ( a.k.a Odin )is talking and giving advice, its actually his own subconsiousness trying to guide guide him.

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But due to the events of Ragnarok, and for living so many different live for so very long. His mental state is very delicate, along with having a memory that is basically the equivalent of swiss cheese. So his fractured mind took what it could remember, along with Eivors own beliefs; and created the Odin persona that we have seen throughout the game.

Now, remember when Juno tried to posses us at the end of Assassins Creed Black Flag? Well, I think Havi actually succeeded doing that; while Eivor herself periodically resurfaces from time to time. Resulting in some occasional flashbacks, and some very strong emotional responces.

Please comment down below on what you think! As I am curious to know what is your view on what I have presented. Oh, and please try to remember that I haven't yet beaten the game. So I don't know what happened beyond the Essex arc, besides what I have played already.


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