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*SPOILER WARNING* Ubisofts biggest mistake in valhallas marketing, was saying both genders are canon

I wanna start of this post by saying this isnt meant as an attack towards players that prefer male eivor. I myself prefer playing as male eivor and will probably do so in every replay of this game. (Ive played my first run with let the animus choose and am currently on my second playthrough and I picked male)

Every day while browsing on this subreddit, I see at least one person saying that both genders are canon in the sense that you can choose whether the historical person Eivor Varindottir, was male or female. I also see alot of people referring to eivor as "him/he". Both of these things are wrong. Eivor was, historically speaking, a woman.

This minconception mainly comes from the fact that darby and ashraf, leading up to the game, said multiple times that both genders are canon. And in the end they didnt lie when they said that. People just misunderstood them.

When it comes to AC, we never had to deal with canon genders pre odyssey. When people refer to odyssey most people nowadays know that kassandra is the canon protagonist and they know alexios is canonically deimos. Odysseys approach of canon gender was completly different from valhalla. In odyssey you basically change the past by picking a gender. (As is proven by the fact that Alexios appears in the modern day if you chose to play as him )

The idea in valhalla was that canonically, the animus could have represented eivor as a female aswell as a male. That is because Eivor is the reincarnation of odin, a male isu. The animus detects a female, aswell as a male memory stream within eivor (because she has odins dna within her) and therefore canonically lets layla choose whether the animus simulates eivor as a man or woman. Both versions of the simulation are canon however what actually happened in the past was that eivor was a woman

And no this isnt just a fan theory, as some people seem to think, this has been confirmed multiple times on twitter, by narrative director darby mcdevitt (the person that started the whole canon gender debate) and since thats for some reason not enough proof for some of you. Here are some facts from the game itself:

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-Eivor is literally a female only name

  • She is referred to as varinsdottir in the letter from aelfred and again this has been confirmed to not be a bug. It is intentional

  • Basim always sees her as a woman no matter what gender you picked in game, as is confirmed by the bonfire scenes where he smiles at eivor when you play as him

-lastly leading up to the game it was also stated that the "let the animus decide" option is the canon option to play the game and when you pick that option you play the whole game as female, except for the asgard and jotunheim arcs where eivor relives odins memories


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