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[Spoilers Valhalla] I’m really enjoying going treasure hunting in the higher level areas. It adds some good tension and reminds me of the older games.

So my plan once I got to Albion was to get a list of where the gear and items and skills I wanted were located and go grab them before really starting the game. Sure I may regret this later when I've been using the same few weapons all game but its really fun.

And the best part has been the difficulty. Yeah fighting people at my level is still fun and if I ran into a story boss or fair 1v1 fight I would be dead atm but it really makes me feel like an assassin. I have to pay a lot more attention to where the guards are at and the line of sight. If they see me and their is more than 1 I have to run around and loose them before trying again (which has led to some fun chases and more than one Scobey doo moment in small rooms).

I feel lucky that the sleep arrow works on any enemy no matter the power level and even if they are in the middle of combat. That has gotten me out of some jams though the fact that I only have two yellow bars means I have to conserve it. Also with the assassination upgrade its possible to kill enemies with one hit at least in lvl 160 areas. The thing that might make it the easiest though is the parry window. I'm playing on normal settings across the board and it feels like you have to try and miss a parry. As soon as they raise their arm back you can press the parry button to block them and stun them leading to a one hit kill. Its fun but they really need to make the parry window smaller.

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I just have two more suits to pick up before I go back to raiding (I honestly wish I could skip that part, at least with the monasteries.) and playing in more level appropiate areas but running around in these high leveled areas has brought back a lot of the fun and excitement I missed in Odyssey (a game I really liked) where I could just basically bull rush everyone and take out a whole fort at once. I know later I'll be that way again but for now I'm enjoying having to be a sneaky sneak. Plus I could just reset the skill tree and depower myself if I want a challenge again. But its totally possible as a say level 50 character to go into a level 160 or 190 camp and one hit kill everyone with the hidden blade as long as you remain unseen and for hero characters don't fail the QTE. In fact the hardest thing has been tracking down exploding jugs because I don't have the fire bomb arrows yet..

Also the raids are possible as well. I ended up doing all the lvl 20-90 ones. And I have to say that over time it got a bit easier for me. Not in a fighting way (though the last one I raided was a 90 that was actually easier than the 55) but in a being ok with what I'm doing. I mean yes it is a video game and we kill lots of mooks in it and don't bat an eye. But we are still raiding and ransacking and burning down churches and peoples homes. Yeah we aren't doing the other bad things the Vikings did but its just one of those things thats kind of echh for me. It was easier with Blackflag I guess because it was military ships and traders and pirates have been romanticized a lot more than vikings have. The raids themselves are fun but I don't know if I'll ever be ok ok with stealing a towns offerings from the church.

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