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Subject 16 and Valhalla’s MD set up a perfect AC0 scenario [AC:B, AC:R, and AC:V SPOILERS]

I’ve had this theory bumping around in the noggin for a minute, but this recent post got my wheels turning on it again. There’s been dozens of different posts here wondering on the enigma that is Clay Kaczmarek, Subject 16 and Assassin that broke under Abstergo pressure, not to mention tortured mentally by Juno for over a year before she set her sights on Desmond.

Valhalla’s modern day places emphasis on the “Sage/Reborn” project, reincarnation, the Calculations, the Yggdrasil Device and The Gray, how all that can and has worked, and most importantly, the fact that Desmond : The Reader and Layla too now have the opportunity to explore billions of alternate timelines.

With this last point especially, we have clear confirmation that Juno wasn’t lying to John Standish in her encrypted emails where she said “Everyone can join us. Desmond…Clay…they’re all here”, meaning with her inside The Gray. This (loosely) must mean Clay is still inside The Gray too, just as The Reader was and is! We hear no hide nor hair of him in Valhalla, but he could still be watching over Desmond in the background!

“But wait, didn’t he get deleted in Revelations?”, you may ask, and you’re absolutely right. His construct of himself was put into the Animus 1.28 before his suicidal blood messages were left for the next Subject to find. Desmond then used the same Animus bed to relive Altaïr’s life and Ezio’s birth, when Lucy takes the core housing Clay’s contructed consciousness and these memories to the Assassins.

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The core then gets implemented into Rebecca’s 2.0-2.02. In Brotherhood’s Glyph video ending, we see when Desmond first meets the wireframe entity calling himself Subject 16, that tells Desmond of his unknown son Elijah, and how he needs to find Eve, meaning Layla Hassan must be a descendant of Eve just like Galina Voronina (I thought it odd Galina never got the payoff for that line).

Then of course for Revelations, Desmond is locked comatose onto Animus Island inside his mind, where he meets Clay in “person”, and by the end of the game Clay sacrifices “himself” digitally to buy Desmond time to wake up.

But what if I told you Brotherhood’s Subject 16 and Revelations’ Subject 16 could be 2 separate entities? Or at the very least, that Juno could’ve created a copy of Clay herself, apart from the one seen in both games, potentially?

Why I lean on the first being what Juno did was there had to be a reason she name-dropped both Desmond and Clay in her email. We’ve also now seen what the wireframe entity looks like against The Reader’s pure light, and while obviously different, the similarities in lack of defining features is worthy of note.

Long explanation out of the way, I’ve seen so many “what I wanna see” posts pop up that don’t fully lay the foundation for a canon story to be pulled from, so I wanted to be thorough on how this Modern Day possibility has merit.

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Essentially, if Clay is in The Gray alongside The Reader and The Heir of Memories, he’d have the possibility to poke his head into their timeline research at any time to clear that thread up. Or – what I’d prefer – we could see inside one of these teal timelines we see spring out of the Calculator of Futures. One where Clay could’ve matched his non-canon version “Michael” seen in the 1| – 6| Les Deux Royaumes comics, escaping Abstergo to faint and feint back into Assassin custody, and THEN have him show himself still alive in The Gray as the ending.

An AC0 could give us unequivocal confirmation whether the wireframe entity from Brotherhood was indeed Desmond himself, as theorized by this video so long ago, which now knowing The Reader to be alive lends even more credence, or if there’s a possibility Juno copied Clay’s consciousness when she finally won him over in Memory 7 of the Lost Archive to continue her research on him, allowing that Clay to reach out from The Gray, while Clay made his construct that eventually saved Desmond’s mind from “deletion”.

The burning question I think deserves a game’s attention from on this though is simple: Why did Juno root around in Clay’s mind for over a year, when she only needed 4 months to enact her ultimate plan through Desmond, a distant cousin? What was she searching for for so long?

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All of Clay’s canonical life ends before Desmond’s abduction on Sept. 1st of 2012, so an AC0 following his demise would make for a nice bow tying Valhalla back to the very first Assassin’s Creed, but also being an alternate timeline opens the avenues for Clay to escape alive, possibly warn the Assassins of Lucy’s betrayal (which he knew), possibly even following similar events of the non-canon-for-now Les Deux Royaumes comics where he meets Desmond in the flesh!

If Ubisoft is listening, take my idea for free. If anyone has their own additions here that would tie the two games even more, let’s bounce theories in the comments!

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