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Survey: What is your most desired AC setting?

Hi redditors,

I made this post earlier collecting ideas and came up with a few of my own for settings (times and places) of new AC games. Since the moderators won't let me use strawpoll for collecting your opinion, you can maybe upvote my comments on this post.

I think all these ideas are great and unique on their own. In my personal opinion AC gameplay should go back to the roots and therefore take place in big cities full of life dating from the middle ages up to the 19th century. If you got other good ideas, let me know so I can add them!

Prague, Vienna and protestant movement in 16th century (by me)

– experience Vienna, the capitol of the Holy Roman Empire (residence of Rudolf II) and the impact of the young protestant movement on the common people trying to achieve a better economical and social situation for themselves (German Peasant's Revolt)

– join the alchemisits and goldsmiths in Prague on their mission to create the sorceres stone for eternal life and turning metals into gold, instructed by Emperor Rudolf II

– meet Rudolf II, Nicholas Flamel, Martin Luther, …

Sengoku Era of Japan (1570s) (by u/Ficboy)

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– Samurai meets AC: experience the Ninja/Samurai culture and the differences to the assassins

– visit old cities like Kyoto and Osaka full of life and remote landscape with monasteries and monks

– combine history and mythology, meet even early european traders

– see here for a detailed description

Reconquista (Spanish Inquisition) in 14th century (by me)

– the movement of regaining the southern part of spain by Christians from the Muslim occupancy

– visit Seville, Granada with Alhambra and Cordoba in a process of rebuilding mosques to churches and experience cultural and religional differences

– join the assassins (muslim side) or the templars (christian side) and fight over andalusia

Crusades in the Middle Ages (by u/BrunoHM)

– join the Tmeplar Knights on their way back from the East while facing the expansion of Maysaf Assassin Empire

– meet Philip II, Richard Lionheart, Henry VI and maybe Altair-

– journey through medieval landsacpes and big cities in Austria, Germany and France (Vienna, Aachen, Dubrovnik,…)

New York in different centuries (by u/LordHudson30)

– New York and surrondings in different ages (1880s, 1920s, modern)

– different plots lapping over in different times

– see also this post by u/Wallet99

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– experience the change of the city

Russian Revolution, early 20th century (by u/SparkyDelite)

– full game (not chronicales) in the setting of the Russian Revolution

– experience Moscow and St. Petersburg

– semi-modern gameplay with old-fashioned (hidden blade) and modern (sniper) assassinations

– meet the Czar, Lenin, …

Ancient Rome and Roman Empire (by u/Jillybean_24)

– open world with the whole Roman Empire, tons of variety

– including big European cities of that time (Rome itself, Cologne,…)

– naval combat, mythology (gods, monsters,…)


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