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The Animus as it appears to a newcomer and why there is exactly the wrong amount of it

I have only played one game, Odyssey, because it is the only game that interests me so far. I have no emotional connection to the Animus but I am very irritated by it.

The reason is not exactly what you may think; I knew there was "sci-fi" b-movie quality plot going on (seriously, even if you like the concept of the Animus it is really reading like an 80s low budget Sci-fi movie). Point is I don't mind it in theory.

However, Ubisoft need to do something with the game play aspect of it. I would have preferred it to just be cutscenes; after all controlling Hassan only drags out game time without adding anything. There is no threat in the modern world scenes, she can't even drown… walking around / swimming manually to look at stuff doesn't make sense. A long cutscene would be much MUCH better.

The alternative, of course, is to have actual gameplay in the modern scenes. Escaping from the badguys, maybe an actual stealth mission (as in hiding, not assassination) at least. Or make Hassan's dialog choices impact the Animus even? Radical idea? Pick a dialog option in modern times that indicates you do an alteration in the Animus in a way before you go back in (heck, taking Odyssey as an example, maybe be able to switch between the two protagonist choices at any time? Or use the modern day setting to re-spec your character at least)?

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Again, I am a complete newbie to the series and I bought Odyssey for three reasons:

  1. Ancient Greece is cool
  2. Kass is just awesome
  3. Historical murder romp

This is important because I know there is a huge rift between those who buy the games for the historical action adventure part, and those who buy it because they are genuinely interested in the modern plot. However insisting that the Animus is the important part of the AC franchise is hyperbole and very close to a No True Scotsman fallacy even. I sincerely doubt there are people going "I hate I have to sit thru 40 hours of exciting gameplay so I can get my 5 minutes important stuff!"… It is most definitely gate keeping since it basically call out new players who doesn't like being tossed mid-story into a setting they didn't buy the game for.

Even the most die hard defenders of the Animus as it stands should realize that the Animus is never used as a selling point in the trailers or in the marketing. Ubisoft knows the Animus has never and will never sell the games to new players that are not already in the franchise.

BUT again this is not the point here, the point is that Odyssey (and from what i can tell all the games, basically) have made a strange choice about how to present the modern day. As I said either make it actual gameplay, or make cutscenes. I would have gotten just as much, if not more, out of the modern story if I didn't have to first get frustrated by for example trying to find my way thru a long diving segment for no reason. (Also, again, the plot of the Sci-fi stuff is B-movie Sci-fi quality. Step up the writing FFS).

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Oh and here's a protip: Reading fake emails is such a 2002 plot device. That is literally the worst way to retell a story. IMHO, of course.


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