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The fanbase need to stop ruining the potential that new games bring to the picture

Following the criticism of this video:

I think the assassins creed fan base is destroying itself, we didnt see the potential of unity and syndicate and ubi as a corpo was indeed forced to ditch the formula. What I do not like about the RPG triology is the disregard they have on a lot of cool features on the old games that added much depth, however i love Origins as one of the best games of the franchise, Odyssey a fun experience and Valhalla a balance of both, and now here comes another over the top criticism.

Here it is criticized that Valhalla has less replayability compared to the Odyssey brand, to which I agree with a lot of points, however what is a big nono for me is that it is said that odyssey had so many builds and so many things to do etc etc, to which i agree, but at what cost?-the brands Identity, the Assassins Creed Identity. Now valhalla is trying to restore that, which i respect even tho its far from what i truly want, however when talking about an Assassins creed game, Stealth and Assassination Mechanics combined with the Parkour(which is very much lacking in style in the later games) should be the main mechanics that should feel better and help the player best at traversing the world, but giving people the choice to be whatever they want feels more like a witcher or cyberpunk. Moreover you cannot give a person the choice and design levels that have no risk to it or dont have much different content. I feel that valhalla doesnt have the proper content befitting every style and diversity. For example Origins had a great balance in the open world and design, not too complex but diverse, it had fortresses which i would gladly traverse stealthily rather than open combat due to the new RPG elements making it harder, whereas the game would pretty much force you itself in situations where you had no choice in stealth, and that to me is preservation of identity gameplaywise, because stealth is the main choice of traverse in the level as it is the most rewarding experience compared to the annoying slow hard combat, and you had a clear choice, if you could take em on combat do it, if you dont go to stealth, and this choice has always been with the games, what i wouldnt like was if stealth was just not necessary at all and Odyssey encouraged it through builds, where if you choose a non stealth build you would feel always the better choice was combat, which takes you further from the games identity(amongst other things). I accept that valhalla is just okay compared to my expectations but you have to admit and respect the improvements it did over its predecessor, otherwise if you dont, more games like odyssey will come up as AsSaSsInS cReEd.

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Moreover it mentions replayability and i feel, personally, that a good game does not need replayability, as the only replayability you had in witcher 3 was to start the game over or just change up your skill set but once you did one quest that was it, no more of the same dish, new content is always welcomed, but never copy paste, and the roadmap shows promise for valhalla, but the ingame Odyssey replayable things just feel dull after a while, just like the nemesis system in the shadow of mordor which was pretty impressive yet got boring after a while due to no end of it. I feel as every good thing should have a proper ending and its only replayability is to uninstall the game and replay it after 1 year or so just like i did with the witcher, and a game worth 60bucks with 100 hours of content and more to come does not seem like a big disappointment to me. I think that the changes that were made to the RPG are on a good start, they are not great, but they are on a good start and we should not praise odyssey for risiking the identity of the brand for good gameplay, we should praise valhalla for trying to make the best of a certain balance and appreciate the potential, not like we did with unity.

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I would also like to mention that it is greedy to always want more and more and more, cuz thats how the fan base is right now at the moment, more this more that, we all know that ubi wants money and will satisfy whoever opens their mouth about one of their products, but if you want more all the time even tho you have a 100 hour long game ubi wont give you a good game as their tactic is pull out a new game every year and once in a while every 2 years, therefore more cannot fit the deadline and ubi needs the money so it wont obey, it will either fit more and make it low quality or just do less and do it better and maybe add along the way with these roadmaps which i think are great. Look at hellblade, it is an indie game and it fullfills its purpose perfectly, look at brotherhood, it had less and it was very polished for its development time. And therefore more replayability could result to ubi getting back to the grind systems, making them important. See we complained about the grind being too hard and annoying which it was, yet now that we have something that does not need it we are complaining about it again. See we need to make up our minds otherwise they will ditch everything good that came wih these games too and someday ditch the entire brand.

In conclusion, make up your mind and think about balancing things out as everything comes at the cost of something when you speak out about constructive criticism as it affects the brand and the games that are to come. Ubi is a shitty company with a beloved brand on their hands, do not give them reason to take everything good thats left. I think that what we got in valhalla was good enough, even if it was at the cost of replayability.

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To JorRaptor I have nothing against what you did, you were on point and objective on what you said, but what I saw in the comments of the video of people praising odyssey as the better game just because of replayability really made me think what the actual fuck are these people doing again and again.


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