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The Isu doma/household: a compilation of Pieces of Eden

Having played most entries of the franchise, I´ve become enamored with the Isu plotlines, and no entry was more generous than Odyssey´s city of Atlantis. At last the game makers gave us a taste of an Isu city in all its glory.

Recollecting bits and pieces from all games, we know now several Pieces of Eden. So many that we could imagine how a well-to-do Precursor residence/Doma worked. So I present here a theory on how a First Civilization palace could have worked.

First we got the Precursor boxes, seen in AC Liberation and Odyssey´s DLC. Now we know their use: to be repositories of knowledge accessible through a staff of Eden. These boxes were at the heart of the household and worked as hard drives, containing its master preferences, archive, inventory and such.

The boxers were to be inserted into a pedestal, which was the core of the doma. Once locked on a pedestal, the Box would save all activity on the house. To interact with the Box in the pedestal, each master of the house would wield a personal staff of Eden, which represented dominance over the estate. This would explain the great variety of staves: we got the Alexandrian staff, the Papal staff (which was, I believe, Minerva´s personal household staff), the staff of Hermes Trismegistus, Poseidon´s trident, Hades bident, the trident of Eden, the Russian imperial scepter and Saturn´s scythe. Thus all of these were custom-made status symbols denoting a landowner. Naturally, the Boxes were made to respond to the staves, and the only known way to access them.

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From there, all appliances were connected. These could be:

  • Personal observatories. Juno said in Syndicate "we built great observatories to monitor you". While the Great Observatory had the power to visualize the entire globe, small household observatories could cover a region, much like a radio station.
  • Forges. We know of two Forges in Greece: the one in Andros island and the one sunken in Thera/Atlantis. Isu weapons require maintenance, with "synchronizing retransmission chronicity" or whatever the Forge says when upgrading the Spear of Leonidas. When charged, precursor weapons glow like the Sword of Eden or the atlantean weapons and armor. If discharged, like the Sword when Arno finally acquired it, the mayan armor or the papal staff, the Piece of Eden still works, but less effectively.
  • Calculation´s room. In Valhalla, the translation of the Saga stone and the Ygdrassil vault password is "when destruction and death threaten before us and the solar flare is reaching, to the calculator of futures we run" (

    , 20:00). So the fifth method of salvation, a machine that could calculate the future, was not exclusive to the greco roman Isu but was available to other groups like the aesir. Gunlodr/Minerva also said (

    , 8:05) most Isu were oblivious of the Great Catastrophe coming. Therefore, divination devices were not readily available to everyone, but still accessible to powerful/important individuals. This is the explanation of the Oracle of Delphi. It was a privately owned calculator of futures, belonging to a precursor palace.
  • Food processors. On AC3 Shawn found a food-making machine on the Grand Temple that produced manna. According to Shawn, it tasted like cardboard. Naturally, the Isu would not like their slaves eating up their food, so they made their most delectable dishes unappealing to humanity. Therefore, one had to have the sixth sense to enjoy their food.
  • Educational panels. Enlightened precursors had material for their human slaves collaborators. In fact, the Isu pedestals in Egypt were stripped of their Boxes and left with messages. But also they had stelae and codexes for their humans. Like weapons, these were meant to be powered, but now discharged they´re left in an inert way.


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