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The Isu inconsistency I’ve noticed throughout the series. ( MAJOR VALHALLA SPOILERS )

Content of the article: "The Isu inconsistency I’ve noticed throughout the series. ( MAJOR VALHALLA SPOILERS )"

When we’re first introduced to the Isu in AC2, we meet Minerva who’s substantially taller and just overall larger than Ezio who was 6ft tall, putting him above average. This is continued in Brotherhood and Revelations where Juno and Jupiter tower over Ezio and Desmond.



( there’s not a picture with Jupiter standing next to Desmond )

The first time the actual size of the Isu’s is changed or maybe even retconned is AC3, where Juno who once made Desmond look like a child is not only near his height but now shorter.

AC3 Juno

The same can be said for Minerva and Jupiter who are now the size of regular humans.

AC3 Minerva

( once again couldn’t find a good pic of Jupiter but there is a video

Skip to 5:22

The actual size of the Isu is then brought into question yet again in Unity, when the first clear photo of the world during the time of the first civilization was shown, and Alvaro Grammatica notes how the guards ( likely Isu ) are, once again, noticeably taller.

Glitched still

Later on in both syndicate and Origins, Evie and Bayek acquire Isu outfits that somehow fit them, but I don’t take these as literal since there just outfits for the rule of cool.

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The Aegis on Evie

Isu armor on Bayek

In Odyssey when we first see Aletheia’s projection from the staff, she towers over Kassandra who we all know is quite the unit herself. And in the fate of Atlantis DLC ( EP 3) we witness both Isu and humans side by side where the Isu are, again, way larger in size.

Aletheia next to Layla

Kassandra next to Hekate

Also there’s the weird glowy lines that were introduced in Odyssey, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they could be the Isu’s version of tattoos.

Lastly we have Valhalla which bares two inconsistencies. I can’t find any pictures so I’ll just put the entire clip.

Not only are the servants, who we can only guess are humans, about the same size, but the Isu are wearing the same suits as the human slaves in AC2. Ironically the servants look more high ranking than the Isu they’re dressing up.

It can’t be that hard to keep the Isu consistent. All you gotta do is make them tall, give them fancy clothes, and make them talk all high and mighty.

Anyway this is just stuff I’ve noticed. Feel free to add.

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