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The (MORE THAN 9!) Realms of AC [SPOILERS for Origins, Odyssey, & Valhalla]

I’ve been clued in to u/klauszen’s (hey, another Zen! ;D) incredible work, as well as their prior theory that was commented on by u/Darby_McDevitt for further info, along with this map mock-up that was also commented on by Mr. McDevitt, but I think we can add more to all of this! Going off of only the “Realms” we’ve literally seen or heard mention of in-game, I’ve listed some Cliff Notes about each Realm below. Help a Brother out by filling in the Ginnungagaps of what needs to be known here?

Ginnungagap – The Gray? A yawning Abyss of darkness between all other Realms, could be the inter-dimensional waypoint between the other Realms we see Havi travel through between Asgard and Jotunheim

Ymir, Father of the Jotnar, is born amidst the Abyss from the steam of Fire and Ice meeting

Muspelheim – Located in Northern Africa, Norse Realm of Fire

Niflheim – Norse Realm of Frost, Home of Audhumla, birthplace of the Aesir, located in the icy Arctic Sea

Svartalfheim – Home of the Dwarves, possibly located in Western South America near the Andes, or in Western China near Tibet?

Asgard – Home of the Aesir, Capitol of the Kingdom of Odin, The High One rules it and “all” following Sister Realms, though only has control over Asgard, Valhalla, Vanaheim, and Helheim, and deems Einherjar worthy here if slain in Earthly battle. Located in Scandinavia

Valhalla – Not a “realm”, but is Home of both the Yggdrasil Device and the Calculator of Futures, and is the birthplace of the Reborn experiment, located in Hordafylke, Norway

Vanaheim – Home of the Vanir, warred with Asgard in the Aesir-Vanir War, but tensions were ended by the marriage of the High One to Freyja of the Vanir, calling it the War of Unification. Could be the Celtic Isu of Ireland/Scotland?

There’s a dot in the ocean between Ireland and England on the map given to us from AC2, and it’s my theory this dot might correlate to Völund’s underwater oasis that Geirmund gets briefly taken to in his book, where he’s given Hnituðr, the armband eventually winding up in Guthrum’s possession. Thoughts?

Midgard – “Earth”, Asgardian-owned, created from the slain Ymir, birthplace of the Humans, Realm located near Central Africa, or Australia? Central Africa is thought to be the birthplace of modern homo-sapiens, and Australia may have Aboriginal Isu, but Australia would be easiest to bar enemy Isu castes from.

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Helheim – Norse “Hell”, ruled by Hel, daughter of Loki, located in the South Pole, where half the year breeds life (6mo of day), half the year breeds death (6mo of night), just like her “living” disposition.

Feyan – located in Eastern Africa around Kilimanjaro, Capitol of the Kingdom of Saturn, who rules it and the following Realms

Eden – located at the base of Kilimanjaro, a metropolis of Saturn’s Kingdom, a mass factory for forced Human innovation, birthplace of the Human Uprising. Also, Kilimanjaro is The Summit seen in the Primordial Memory from the Last Descendants Book 3, part of Project Anthropos

Jotunheim – Home of the Giants/Jotnar, born of the sweat of Ymir. Utgard is the Capitol ruled by Jupiter:Suttungr, located in Vinland, near Turin, New York, barred initially from Humans on Midgard, they warred with Asgard in the Aesir-Jotun War

Atlantis – Greek “Purgatory”, Cyclically reset to an original design, it and the following two Realms ruled by Poseidon, located under the island of Thera, Greece

Hades – Greek “Hell”, ruled by Hades, who also rules the following Realm by proxy, located between Tainaros, Lakonia, and the Attikan Peninsula of Greece

Elysium – Greek “Heaven”, ruled by Persephone under Hades’ imprisonment, location Unknown

A’aru – perhaps a region in Elysium, or of Muspelheim? “The Field of Reeds”, Egyptian “Heaven”, ruled by Aita : Osiris under Amun : Saturn?

I got a lot to go on here now, but there’s still holes! What am I missing?

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