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The new RPG games and the franchise direction

Hey AC community, I wanted to make a post to hear what most of you think on the ending of Valhalla and the general direction of most of the new games, for contect I just played Valhalla and missed any discussion post its release, as to avoid spoilers. Why I did that when I do not actually care about spoilers I do not know. This may be a bit messy in terms of my thoughts as I am writing it at 4 AM in the middle of my night shift.

As a whole I have been a fan of the series since 2007 (I believe that was when AC 1 came out) and I did believe the series needed a shakeup, but I am a bit 50/50 on how the series is going now. For context I actually like the RPG games, well to be exact I like Odyssey and Origins. Valhalla is a different story.

So the thing in my case is that I have been playing this franchise for so long, that I actually feel like I do not really care about what even happens with the assassins or the templars, as they have felt redundant since Black Flag to me. They have been merely window dressing for a while now and do not server as a focal point of the games, mostly are there to justify the name, which already sells a lot. It is the reason we can be sure that things will continue as they are. Origins showed us how the assassins came to be and I actually loved that story. Odyssey had none of them, but I like the game due to the gameplay and characters (screw the grind though), even while the absence of our namesake order was missing. I get that most old fans would be annoyed at that, but I myself do not really have any decent ideas what Ubi can even do with them at this point, so I am not really faulting them on the absence honestly.

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Valhalla was just a slog for me, where I felt the story, the pacing, combined with the writing really brought the game down. Just because Ubi gave me a hidden blade and waved assassins at me did not really impress, when I have been following this franchise for this long. It is without a shadow of a doubt for me the AC story I have felt just complete apathy towards. When the story would ramp up and get a bit interesting, I was thrown back to the map to get more allies and go conquer more. Which was just a grind. Though please stop giving us story choices and gender ones for that matter. We should be reliving the memories of someone, not getting Witcher-lite as the story. Also wtf Basim.

Missions in Valhalla are decently designed, I do give them that as do not have to tail people all the time like some older entries (looking at you AC3). Stealth though, that felt like a complete afterthought in this game. I would like to invade a castle and take it out stealthily, but the designers who placed multiple 4 enemy groups wanted me to raid I guess. I may have missed something but having to go for headshots on said groups was just akward. On the little changes made from the other RPG games Valhalla has the least interesting progression in terms of developing your character, where everyone basically ends up with exactly the same skills and gear, whatever you use really doesn't matter, unless playing on the hardest difficulty (probably, I have yet to try that difficulty). On the character progression as an example how in Odyssey one of my friends went for an assassin build, another for a fire one and I went for a crit build, all 3 giving distinct benefits and minuses. Valhalla does not have any of that and instead everyone gets the same gear and skills, without bascially any room left for experimentation. Considering the game difficulty as well, it is not that interesting in my eyes. Though to be fair this is an issue for me because Odyssey did it so well and I was hoping to an extent they follow up on that. Bonus point here which was an issue I specifically had and was mostly funny to me – my first time playing abilities in Norway bugged out and I could not aquire them, so I was stuck for a while wondering what that icon on my map is supposed to be showing, only when I got to England and was able to grab my first ability did I understand. Bugs a lot of the time do not matter to me as long as they do allow me to finish a game, so I was actually cool wiht that, mostly laughed it off. I did make it through the release of Unity (and Cyberpunk 2077 for that matter) so I already am prepared for the worse with new games.

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So lastly I just wanna ask – did you guys enjoy the game or no? Did you like this way of character progression and upgrades, or the one from Odyssey/Origins? Do you want more story choices?

Random bonus I feel like adding in at the last moment is about which games I like the most in this franchise – Brotherhood, 2, Syndicate, Odyssey and Origins in no particular order. I like the other games as well to a certain extent, except for 3.

Again sorry if this is messy, I am tired.


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