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The reason I loved AC Odyssey

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Feel free to skip on this post. This is about my experience with Odyssey. Also potential old AC spoilers ahead.

I beat AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations, and ACIII back when they were brand new. I loved the Ezio trilogy. We can all basically agree on that so let's move on. I was disappointed with III but I still ended up beating it. Loved the story stuff with Haytham though. I honestly thought Desmond was pretty lame the whole time, and even moreso with AC III ending because I thought Desmond was gonna become Ezio and Altair combined. Some will say he did… But the way it was done was a let down. I felt very let down. However, that was a long time ago now so it's just back story for me now. It's fine.

Back then, at that time, I felt exhausted with AC and I had series fatigue which isn't necessarily the fault of AC since it happens with every series at some point. But I felt like the good days were over so I waited till next gen and all I heard was stuff about glitches with Syndicate and Rogue and I basically wrote the series off as Ubisoft's new cash cow and that the Ezio-level days were over.

Many years later. I see a trailer about an open world game in Ancient Greece. I'm a BIG FAN of Ancient Greece. I see the AC logo. I'm like "AC? Interesting…" because the trailer (and I'm a huge Odyssey fan) looked nothing like an AC game. However, this is where my bias comes in. I didn't care. Because I wanted an open world Greece game any way that I could get it.

I love Greek Mythology, and even just Greece itself. So some people might say that maybe the Mythology sucked too (I thought it was good, but it's not like the whole game was entirely focused on mythology like, say, God of War level or Hercules) but I love ancient Greece itself whether it has a ton of mythology or a little. The time period itself is what I wanted to be in.

Naturally, I had not played Origins yet since the last one I played was AC III. I figured I'd play it some other time. I knew basically 0 about Origins.

So what I got was a fresh beautiful looking game with a huge ass map to explore. I also love RPG's so I was biased with that too. I loved it. Absolutely loved it.

However assassinating in that game was bad. And since this game is called ASSASSINS CREED, having Kassandra or Alexios (I picked Kassandra) try to slash a guard's apparently thick ass neck and fail or stab them in the lower body and make herself look like a fool because here comes the alarm! Looked stupid.

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However, I was already biased. I was happy enough fighting them normally or using my arrows. I loved fighting ten enemies at the same time and having random ass Mercs come and killing them too. I wanted to be Kassandra the killing machine.

And yet I also wanted to be stealthy and I didn't want to follow a strict build. I don't like looking things up and upgrading my assassin damage constantly was just leaving me without any Drachmae and seemingly almost no better. The solution was to look up a guide and find out what to upgrade but I hate doing that. Now that we know Valhalla has other skillful options, I love that there's a way to assasinate now. This was a problem.

But the game itself, IMO, is still a damn good fucking game. Its not the best ever clearly, and it doesn't even take a spot in my top best games ever like FF7 PS1, Metal Gear Solid 1,2, and 3, Devil May Cry 3, etc games of that magnitude but it's absolutely a FAR CRY from the trash that people like to think it is. because it did its job (as an open world Greece game which is what I wanted) and it gave me shit to do.

A lot of the side quests felt like the same shit, but I wouldn't play the game every day either. Sometimes I would, and then I'd take a week off and play something else like Kingdom Hearts or Devil May Cry 5. I mixed it in with other games. Does this excuse the side quest stuff? No, just saying it definitely helped and kept the game fresh for me, and I was happy to have a ton of content left to do. Another big problem was the bloat. I felt like I could walk out of a camp with 7 axes, 5 swords, 2 staffs I'm never gonna use, and 3 sledgehammers. I was always loaded and that shit was bloated for sure. I love that there's less loot in Valhalla, but more meaningful loot to compensate now.

Also a random thing I loved that every game or at least way more games should have, is the ability to make your improved armor look like your better looking but weaker armor. That's bad ass because it let's you wear whatever the fuck you want.

Standing at the shore and seeing the waves come in was absolutely beautiful. It was actually breath taking. And I'm not a ship guy but the ship combat was fun. I did like collecting the olive wood and the iron metal but that should have been toned down because that was a bit ridiculous towards the end.

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Natakas can suck a dick. He sucks and is a horrible pairing for Kassandra. Darius is bad ass. And the end with Kassandra still being alive was incredible. I could talk more about this but it's already gonna be long so I'm trying to rush more.

Afterwards I played Origins. I love Egypt, I love Bayek's character, and it does feel more like an assassin game than Odyssey does also because you have a hidden blade unlike Odyssey. However, since I played Odyssey first, Odyssey stuck out more to me since they both have similar controls and similar gameplay.

They aren't copy and paste because some things are very different. The environment, your shield, and status effects actually mattered in Origins unlike Odyssey where it felt like if you wanted to poison someone you whole BUILD had to be a poison character. That's an exaggeration but it certainly felt that way. Origins did status effects like fire and poison WAY better.

But they feel similar for obvious reasons. And I wonder if I like Odyssey more because I played it first. Naturally, many people played Origins before Odyssey unlike me. I wonder how I would have felt about Odyssey after Origins. I like Ancient Greece but I also love Ancient Egypt. Aya was also bad ass… She should have been the main character IMO but I'm glad we still got to play as her. And yes I know that was intended.

So yeah, honestly I was a bit toxic to some AC fans about them trashing Odyssey but you know what? I realize something now. For people who wanted the OG experience Odyssey is nothing like that. And it's true. So I was biased and I just love Odyssey as an open world Greece game and I understand why people think it's a bad AC game. However I think despite its flaws it's an incredible fucking game. It did what I needed it to do and it did it well.

For others who love Assassins Creed as much as I love Devil May Cry, maybe to you guys this was like when Capcom made DMC temporarily into the DmC Reboot and my favorite series died. Maybe that's how you felt with Odyssey. Maybe you still feel that way now.

Ultimately, without me writing 20 more paragraphs, I enjoyed what we got and I'm excited for Valhalla. Just a few days baby. And to some of you VPN people that's 2 days right?

I hope everyone enjoys Valhalla. To those that don't, I just hope that you legitimately care and that you don't make others who do like it feel bad (as in like trolling them and spamming Trashhalla everywhere which is just toxic. You're attacking fans who just want to have fun when you should be trashing Ubisoft instead if you don't like it.) Because even if I enjoy it I wish you'd get the game you wanted too.

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I wish they'd do a "A team" and "B team" kinda thing where we'd still get games like the Ezio games but newer ones and we'd still get these RPG's.

With the budget that AC has, even if they're not as Assassin as they used to be, playing an open world Action RPG (and now with more assassinating in Valhalla compared to Odyssey thankfully!) is UNPARALLELED in these modern days.

I don't know any other game with the budget that this series has, that has done an Ancient Greece open world game. But I hope it happens sometime and I hope it'll be even better, as I aspire all games to be.

By the way guys, as a final question, did anyone else get series fatigue? When did it happen? Just curious.

Reminds me of DBZ because I gave up DBZ for a long time also due to series fatigue and came back when DB Super happened. Lol.


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