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The “RPG” is the worst thing about the series right now.

TL/DR – number levelling system sucks and isnt RPG

I've played all the games except rogue pretty much as they've come out starting with AC2 (Xmas pressie from the wife regular as clockwork). I wasn't fussed on altair, loved the ezio sage, loved black flag (my personal favourite) but then origins came along.

Now when I first had it I hated it. Its the first one where I actually put it down and never went back. At the time the setting just felt jarring and the story off. That coupled with the clunky controls and woeful "RPG" system just went against…everything. (After stumbling on the sub a few weeks ago after finishing valhalla I am giving it a second chance after reading the opinion of it, I'm still not fussed).

You start as a medjay – a James bond of ancient Egypt – dishing out god given justice to avenge your son. Within 20 minutes of playing a bandits rusty sword is superior to your master crafted steel blade. This no longer makes me a highly skilled and equipped James bond type character, I'm now just a random loot collector, keeping up with a worthless grind that ruins immersion. Go on a quest, get a staff made from alien metal that sets people on fire, an hour later a blue wooden staff out performs it. If it was role-playing, part of the character is the gear, the journey you go on to get it. Instead to rpg the game I need to pay 10000 gold a day to blacksmiths for the privilege.

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In short, the "RPG" system ends up doing the exact opposite of what its name suggests. I dont play a role, it breaks all immersion but above all it means my character feels like he's constantly treading water as he never seems to grow.

I knew nothing about odyssey prior to playing it, it gave me a choice for man or woman but had a man on the box so in my innocence I thought that was the Canon. Again the "RPG" was number grind but this time the abilities did help it feel a bit more RPG but the same issues with equipment cropped up as in origins. The story did fit the looter aspect a bit better which made the game more bearable.

Valhalla then had the same bad ideas but did have ways to get around it with Gunnar. This allowed me to role-play and take my gear on the quest with me. When I first started I went male eivor because "dude on box" but I was aware of the online male / female argument. After encountering enemies that seemed to overpower me I restarted as female eivor. I stopped role-playing as Bjorn Ironside the Beserker and started playing as Lagertha the Shield maiden and had to adapt myself to the hindrances of "RPG" levels. The game worked better for me then and female eivor fit far better into the story.

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So a long rant / whinge / scream at the ocean – but it boils down to this. As a long time fan of the series the biggest misstep is the added grind of the "RPG" levelling system. It brings nothing to the experience and detracts in all the ways it thinks it adds, everything would be better without it IMHO.


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