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Thoughts on my idea of future ac games?

I think for next gen, Ubisoft will revamp their system similar to how Black flag transitioned to Unity. I am currently having a World War 1 based AC fantasy. I know how Syndicate flopped because its like “too modern”, I mean after all Ubisoft really wanted to give off the vibe of Industrialization. Trust me in this, but I think I may have just find a way on how rpg can be properly implemented with older stealthier styles pleasing old and new ac fans.

So this is my idea on the case of a WW1 based AC game.

VIBE Imagine movies like The Great Gatsby and Grand Budapest Hotel where the vibe in general is kind of like vibrant characters and settings presenting as a “hopeful light” in a dark and harsh era (knowing ubi though they might fck this up).

GAMEPLAY To make things fresh and interesting, we should ONLY have two weapons, the hidden blade and a sniper rifle. I just researched that there were no silencers back then, through this Ubisoft has the potential to convince us players to settle more on the hidden blade as to avoid making it a first person shooter. Make assassinations, chases and enemies more challenging to the point that if you will kill someone it really has to be one hit and SUPER discreet or else suffer the concequences of like maybe everyone knows who and where you are if you kill/assassinate in public, or you shoot with your sniper rifle way too near soldiers, etc. Imagine a gameplay where you have to plan either where you will set-up your spot (sniper way) or maybe where and how you will assassinate your targets (hidden blade or Hitman like scenarios). Going back to having more challenging enemies, this may be controversial, but you can be easily oneshotted, thus kind of removing (but not wholly) combat elements. Through this RPG elements will be used where you can upgrade skills like to dodge bullets. Like you know in all previous games there is a press button dodge bullet mechanism plus when Bayek is running from arrows he flinches, add a mechanism where you press a button to dodge the bullets and this skill be upgraded like an RPG. And if they can, make only the hidden blade and sniper rifle upgradable (like in God of War). We must have a more revamped and refined parkour of Unity plus a map/location where there are cities as tight packed as Unity plus fields and forrests as detailed (not copypasted) as Origins.

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I would like to know your opinion and if you agree with my idea, do you know any location/historucal event tgus AC can occur on?

ps You would have a horse (imagine mgs5 if you think not possible) but still open the ability to drive jeeps.


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