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Unity is the most disappointing game of my life

I started playing through all the AC games on the PS4 in release order in september, loved most of them, apart from 3, which wasn't to my liking, but man is Unity the worst of the main line releases for me.

Going into it, I knew the overall negative perspective of the AC community on the game, and absolutely didn't want to believe it, I was really looking forward to playing Unity because the customization, the atmosphere and Paris looked really spot on for me. And those things are fine but man…

The parkour, as flashy as it is, is honestly boring and feels weightless, the story is indeed as boring and predictable as everyone says it is, Arno, who I really like in the prolouge, puts on the personality of a coffee table the moment he joins the assassins.

The combat is a complete shambles, I have master assasin gear, and die in 3-4 hits to enemies of my level constantly, the snipers are a scourge of God, taking half of my health in one shot, in every single room or area, there are 7-8 enemies, and fighting them openly, or once I inevitably fuck up the stealth means constantly dodging at least 3 people pointing their guns at me, parrying non-stop attacks, and getting stunned every 4 seconds, because the flashbangs seem to have the blast zone of a hidrogen bomb. It's not fun for me, and even at the times when I happen to win a fight, it frankly doesn't feel rewarding, just frustrating.

Read more:  I went back to AC1 after many years and the dialogue, the atmosphere and that last hour made me remember the AC I loved about 10 years ago.

I know open combat was made much more difficult in order to put the emphasis on stealth, but that doesn't work for me either. It's clunky, overcomplicated, Arno still runs up every fucking coat hanger he bumps into, sneaking about is really frustrating since there are tons of enemies in every area, barely leaving any wiggle room. The detection time in resctricted areas is much faster than in previous games, and the enemies remembering you is honestly just really fucking annoying. I know a lot of people love a challenge, as do I, and saw Unity as a challening game and that's fine, I feel it's broken compared to the other games. (Haven't played Odyssey and Valhalla)

In all honestly I'm just really disappointed, because I just wanted to not dislike the game and I feel like I gave it a fair shot, much like every game in the series that the community generally seems to hate on, but this one is beyond saving for me.


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