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Valhalla feels heavy and tedious

Content of the article: "Valhalla feels heavy and tedious"

This is DEFINITELY going to be the unpopular opinion here but after about 15 hours I’m just bored of it. The start had me hooked and so I progressed to the point of getting to England. Ever since I’ve got there, the game has moved so slowly with a story I just can’t follow

None of the characters are introduced well at all. Eivor and Sigurd sure, but everyone else just kinda shows up and plays the one-bit arch they need to have. No one has been as cool as the side characters in black flag for example.

The story itself has been confusing. I know I need to make allies with the people around me but the reasons why we do what we do to form these partnerships don’t make sense to me. Maybe I’m just not paying enough attention, but I hope things get more entertaining. I just noticed there are now three more allies to pledge to with presumably the same amount of gameplay for the first two and good god do I not want to do it. It feels slow and tedious.

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The animation is sub-par for a 2020 AAA game. I understand situations like these are rarely the fault of the devs and more often the fault of publishers pushing unrealistic deadlines, but still it’s hard to watch a 5 minute cutscene where all the characters move like they were animated in 2010.

Raids are awkward for reasons ranging from stumbling out of the boat to not being able to loot anything because the NPC’s can’t pathfind to me.

It seems almost impossible to play the game stealthy which I guess makes sense cause you’re a Viking, but stealth is what I loved about AC. I know everyone else hates camp clearing but personally I loved flying up with a bird and tagging every enemy and watching their moves and actions to plan how to clear and entire camp.

I want to love this game and I will keep playing it with hopes the story improves, but right now it’s just not doing it for me. Most posts I see praise this game to no end so please feel free to disagree with me in the comments. I really want this to be a good discussion post and to hear everyone’s opinion on it.

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