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Valhalla is missing basic features that were in Origins and Odyssey

Content of the article: "Valhalla is missing basic features that were in Origins and Odyssey"

I'm really dissapointed that Valhalla is missing certain basic features (mostly quality of life things) which were in the older games. I don't understand the reasoning behind this, except that they simply didn't finish the game. To be clear; this is not me ranting about the game, I love it, but these are things that I personally really miss in Valhalla and I hope they implement it soon. It simply doesn't make sense to not have it. Btw I'm comparing this only to Origins and Oddyssey for obvious reasons.

To name a few things off the top of my head I'd love to see fixed in the game:

  • Enemy level scaling (this is horrible, if you do side content, you are severely overlevelled the entire game)

-Mounted combat (both origins and oddyssey had this)

-Sorting/cycling gear in the inventory menu (why in Odin's name is this not included? This is an absolute must when it comes to quality of life improvements, also the previous games had this)

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-A bird with a purpose (speaks for itself I guess, the raven has little to no purpose in comparison with Sennu and Ikaros)

  • Preview gear / cosmetics in shops (it makes absolutely no sense that this is not in the game for a lot of stuff you can buy, I mean.. It's there for horses and ship cosmetics, but not for haircuts and tattoos? Come on Ubisoft..)

  • Indication that certain loot is locked behind quest / story progression (not sure this was implemented in Origins or Oddyssey, but it was never an issue there honestly)

  • Transmogging (let players look the way they want without sacrificing stats, it was in Oddyssey for sure)

That's just off the top of my head.. Feel free to share your opinions on this and add to the list if anything comes to mind.


A little clarification on the bird, because I see a lot of people commenting on this. By saying a bird with a purpose, I did not necessarily mean that it needs to be able to tag enemies. Other purposes would be nice; like being able to see fish for example. Also; someone pointed out to me yesterday that I should try playing without the compass. I've been doing that and I'm really loving it. The bird has a purpose now for sure.

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