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Valhalla: The Good and the less good after almost 60 hrs (No spoiler)

Content of the article: "Valhalla: The Good and the less good after almost 60 hrs (No spoiler)"

So, I thought i would make a small post talking about what I am liking and liking less so far into my journey into Valhalla. I am 60 hrs in, 36% completion, and playing on Ultra on Pc.

The good:

-The Characters: I really am liking the characters i come across, i even bother learning their names this time! They feel more unique and with more personality than in Odyssey, even though I'd like some of them to be explored a little more. I also really like Eivor, their personality and style is great, I am growing fond of them, almost like Bayek.

-Story: I am also enjoying the story so far, I can see Darby's hand in it. It makes me want to go further on to see what happens, who I'll meet, how a relationship develop, it's great! I sometimes wish some aspects were a little more clear and developed, a sort of work up to a reveal or something, rather then it being pretty sudden.

-The world: This is probably my favorite thing about this game, the world is simply gorgeous. It feels like walking into a 19th century painting of roman ruins and fields, it's a pleasure to explore and walk around, and it is much more enjoyable if taken slowly, then you can truly appreciate the small things, the lighting, the structures and so forth.

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-The settlement: Please Ubi, let us have a sort of settlement in every AC game. I always miss it when we do not have a place to call home. Ravensthorpe is very well made and a pleasure to build, walk around a just live it.

Combat: I actually like the combat system. Can be improved, but i find it really satisfying and gorey enough. I wish the camera was closer, but i still have a blast.

The…Less good:

Animations and models: I like the models of the main cast of characters, not the best but decent enough. I usually like animations in general too but there is something off in many of them, they could be way smoother, it is almost like some small "connecting" animations are missing between one action and the other. I know it's a huge rpg and open world game, but i feel that a huge company like Ubi could have and invest more in this department, that is very central to the game.

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Variety of gear: OK so, I like the unique weapons and armors, a lot! But there could be more than what we have, I don't need Odyssey's amount, but a few more sets, more "grounded" ones, would be appreciated, a lot of the current ones, when upgraded, become worse (and please, we are not, most of us, kids playing an Fps that needs everything to be GOLD, it doesn't look that good, and shouldn't be present in basically every gear set.) Plus, yeah we need one handed swords

Some QOL improvements: We need some sorting options in the inventory, transmog and so forth.

Bonus: Thanks for letting me light braziers in Valhalla too it's somehow satisfying af


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