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Valhalla Tips and tricks. Will keep this updated.

Content of the article: "Valhalla Tips and tricks. Will keep this updated."

A lot of you may know this info already, I’m just reaching out to those that may not.
Feel free to respond with your favorite tricks and I’ll add em to the list!

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  • Floating Pages Having trouble catching up with those floating pages? Use the Blinding Rush ability to slow everything down then just walk up and grab it before it even starts moving. Watch this if you don’t have the ability yet

  • Can’t find exploding vases? Use your Incendiary Powder Trap ability and shoot the area you want blown up. Watch this if you don’t have the ability yet.

  • Getting paid to drink Need silver? Find a drinking challenge that you can repeatedly do for silver. You earn 200 per win or ~8000 silver per hour. Only a few places allow you gamble more than one game. I personally use Walden and Tamworth Fortress.

  • Fall Damage You can jump/fall from any distance without damage as long as you tap the heavy attack before landing.

  • Unlimited Ingots First complete all wealth objectives in a country. If that country contains one or more npc’s that carry ingots (orange dot above their head) you can return back to kill them again to get another ingot. (Keep in mind that the ingots you receive are directly liked to The recommended level of the country. The harder the country, the better the ingot.

  • Barred Doors. Who doesn’t LOVE barred doors?! I don’t feel we see enough of them! Anyways one way to get through one is dual wielding 2-handed Dane Axes and a strong attack or the use of the ability Dive of the Valkyries (Rank 2) to bust through. Don’t have the abilities? Heres Rank 1 – Heres Rank 2 –

  • Inaccessible Structures Come across a building you absolutely cannot figure out how to get inside? Come back later. Most likely it will be opened up during a quest chain later on.

  • Free Adrenaline If your low on adrenaline before leaving Ravensthorp, assassinate the dummies to refill your adrenaline bars.

Thanks to those who have added to this list! /u/oceanking

That’s it for now, but I will add more later.


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