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We recently finished up forging a custom spear heavily influenced by the Broken Spear of Leonidas!

We usually make khukuris and other large knives, but have had a bit of success with spears recently. We ended up getting approached to make a custom spear based off the broken spear of Leonidas from assassins creed and after a bit of head scratching figured out a design and jumped in.
While the end result might not be the most ornate replica out this is probably the most practical as an actual weapon. Make no mistake this is a serious blade, with great cutting performance, form and balance based off the african short spear known as an iklwa but with a sturdy build that's designed to take a real beating.

The final weapon has a 13" blade and 22" handle. The thickness of the blade near the wings is 7mm, tapering down to 3mm at the tip. The 5160 spring steel makes for a very rugged larger blade with good edge performance and stability. We're based in Nepal so all of our blades are traditionally forged with sledgehammers over hot coals.

Unlike many spears and the iklwa on which the form is based- this blade has a steel tang that goes the whole way through this rosewood shaft. While this does add weight it makes for a much more bombproof blade. The brass spacer and detailing on the pommel helps to add a touch of visual intrigue while keeping the counterbalance and adding a touch of offensive capability.

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Here you can see the sculpting on the blade. A central scooped fuller with bevelled edges on all sides. This kind of shaping is common in fantasy or videogame blades but is something that is very hard to replicate with in mass manufacture or with a lot of western blademsithing techniques. Fullers and engraving like this is actually common on nepalese blades like khukuris and koras which means it's not too much of a challenge for our blacksmiths.

The steel bolster is integrally forged, with a brass collar to reinforce the junction between the blade and shaft. This makes for a tougher blade and helps to integrate some of the styling seen on upgraded versions of the blade. Our workshop is located next to our community sports field so we often have visits from local kids in between games. If they're lucky they can model our blades for us too!

It was a challenging build but we got there in the end. What do you guys think?
This is actually the second assassins creed build we've done- here's a link to a far more ornate khukuri.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our work 🙂
Take care,
Andrew and the team at Kailash Blades

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