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What a waste of potential story

Content of the article: "What a waste of potential story"

With everything that happens to the Odyssey avatar, the one thing thing I found useless was the microcosm death of one particular character. I stopped at the point I had heard the little person is offed and killed every cultist I could, checking back after each kill, sadly, the story is fixed, as is the bad writing.

There are plenty of reasons and things that happened to already force the hand and give anger to the character (in a story related sense) But the microcosm of the incredibly useless death of that little someone was simply wasted writing and potential story in future AC's. I Know what the writers intent was and the tiny side clip in the underworld, still, a useless microcosm in this entire adventure and a really lazy attempt at trying to get some rise out of the gamer.

That typed, there is really no reason to remain in character so I now kill everything and everyone as the writers intended, I even try to kill the npcs when I can as the point is moot now. Not because I am mad or sad, simply because the story is simply wasted for me now, the immersion is gone. I dislike lazy writing, the game was doing great up until then. Like drinking sour lemonade, you simply do not want anymore.

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If I were writing, I would at least write the story in that death point to have meaning, that is throughout this long game, the choices the gamer makes would lead to saving the little someone in the nick of time or planning elaborate traps knowing they were making more attempts…sending them messages and upping the tension…as long as you paid attention and got to them in time instead of ignoring clues and running off and adventuring and leaving them to be hunted down due to the players neglect, but the writers did not even give us that.

Truly wasted epic potential there.

Just my two cents.


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