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What are your favorite and/or least favorite outfits in the series?

Content of the article: "What are your favorite and/or least favorite outfits in the series?"

Let's talk about our favorite outfits while we wait for Valhalla! And not just the canonical "default" outfits either, any outfit from any game is up on the block. The only loose exception would be legacy outfits since its a given they won't fit in with whatever setting they are clashing against. It can be for whatever reason too, stats, bugs and clipping, how much it dosen't fit in the world, how disappointing it was when you finally got it after spending hours getting the collectables to unlock it (looking at you captain kidd outfit), etc. And if you what to balance the negativie with a positive go ahead and list your favorites! 😀

For me I think the worst outfit out of every game goes to the "Templar Stealth outfit" from ac rouge. With a name like that it could have been awesome but instead it has a hideously out of place and anachronistic modern urban/snow camo, like Shay just walked out of a MW lobby, huge missed opportunity. The assassin killer outfit makes up for it though, but it is dlc.

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Another weak one is bayak's default outfit. I dunno, it just looks too, loose. And it dosent really fit with the overall look in the game, sorta suffering from the Ezio problem. Like with rogue though the hidden ones outfit is phenomenal, so much so that i straight up use a cheat engine script to give it to myself right from the beginning on all my subsequent playthroughs.

Also gotta rip into black flags a little. Its not very pirate-y and the excessive leather armor bits just makes it look super hot, heavy, and impractical for sailing the high seas in

Some outfits I like though, to balance things.

I really love is Arno's default outfit. Despite unity not being my favorite in the series I do love the simplicity of this outfit, it just look so sleek and clean. It is frustrating though because this is Unity and the stats system makes really hard to actually use the outfit.

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Another great one is the Persian prince outfit (and it red and white recolour) from origins. Despite mentioning the hidden ones outfit above, this outfit is the one I use for pretty much my whole playthrough. I camt quite describe why I like it so much, it just looks so good.

My absolute favorite though goes to Ezio's revelations outfit. Love everything about it, the fur, the scarf, its grey and dark red colour, how it really shows how much experience ezio has gained over the years.

Edit: quick re-upload because of an infuriating typo in the last posts title. Sorry to the couple of people who responded.


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