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What are your top 5 assassins creed characters? (Non protagonist) (spoilers)

What are your top 5 assassins creed characters (non protagonist)?

1 – Haytham Kenway. I would say he is one of the best written characters in the whole franchise. His backstory is sad yet understandable – he avenges his father by killing his master that deceived him for all these years, yet realises he still believes in the lessons he taught him, he still sees the Templar worldview as morally right and sensible. His ideological back and forths with Connor offer the best Assassin vs Templar discussions in the whole series. Haytham makes reasonable points and explains blatant flaws in the creed. Haytham is an antagonist, not a villain. He cares for Connor, canonically saving him from Hickeys execution and offering him many chances to reconsider. A very expertly written and tragic character.

2 – Achilles Davenport. Achilles is found by Connor alone, old, frail; a broken man. It is clear Achilles is haunted by his past. Connor and Achilles are perfect fits for each other, one never had a father to guide and temper him, the other lost his son, also named Connor. Both are incredibly jaded and blunt due to their life experiences. One of my favourite lines from Achilles is when he recruits Connor into the brotherhood and says “there is no need for formalities” skipping the ceremony. I really like this seemingly underwhelming moment. Achilles is clearly hopeful but he has been stung so many times he wears his cynicism as armour. Connor reignites a spark in the old man, of his legacy, of a son, of the future of the colonial brotherhood. His death from old age after an argument with Connor was sad. Then Rogue comes along and expands on his character, showing us in detail his failures, why he dislikes Haytham so much, and all he lost. I just hate that gamer bro’s just think of Achilles as a boring old man when he is masterfully written.

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3 – Subject 16 (Clay.) an enigma for the first 3 games, Clay comes centre stage in revelations and despite being a tortured soul, manages to depart vital knowledge to Desmond and also help him escape from the animus.

4- Leonardo Da Vinci. This one is pretty simple. Leonardo is just a great, genuine friend to Ezio who is eager to help him. Wholesome epic Keanu chungus Reddit gold press x to hug.

5 – Adewale. Adewale is at 5 due to the wasted potential of freedom cry. I cry every time I watch the cgi trailer for it and realise they half assed what could have been a quality spin off to black flag. What a shame. Ade and Edward meet faced with a common circumstance, only over the course of the game, Edward becomes more selfish and obsessed whereas Ade becomes increasingly ambitious with his life, wanting to pursue a higher moral purpose, a selfless purpose after turning to piracy from a rough life. He was very likeable and also becomes a good man. The little time he got in Rogue was also great, his face off with Haytham and his confession to Shay were great and true to his character.

Honourable mentions: black flag – El Tiburón (cool idea but his content was cut out of black flag lol), Yusuf Tazim (revelations). Notice that there are no side characters from anything after 4 and ponder why that is. Because the writing quality sharply declined and characters beside the protagonist get barely any time to be developed.

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