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What I believe should be kept and changed in an AC 1 remake

Content of the article: "What I believe should be kept and changed in an AC 1 remake"

So I have been thinking a lot about an AC remake and what I would like to see from it. A lot of people here simply just want a remake that just entails better graphics and a slight restructuring of mechanics but I want something new.

What I envision is a re-imagining of AC1, blending all the eras of Assassin's Creed into a remake.

Story: I personally think the story should stay the same and naturally have Valhalla cutscene style, but I also want them to retain the wide shots with locked camera they had during the scenes in Masayaf where Al-Mualim talked with Altair. I don't know why but I loved the fact that it wasn't a basic close up, cutscene. I'd also like for the writers to perhaps add in a bit of extra scenes focusing on Altair's thoughts and to flesh him out a little more.

Here is an example of the Wide Shots

Gameplay: Now here is the point where there will be a huge diversion from the main game.

Combat: This will be controversial but I think, Unity's Combat system is still the best combat system in the series. As an Assassin you should not be a one-man army that can easily kill dozens of soldiers. Combat in a true Assassin fantasy should be a nuisance and difficult, a plan B to stealth. The Unity combat also is the most fluid and realistic, plus it has a wide variety of weapon types. So in conclusion, the remake would have a Unity style (Heavy but not easy/unstoppable). And naturally there would be shops and upgrade stations across the world to make progression feel better. There would also be enemy variety cause good god does AC 1 not have any variety.

Stealth: Once again I will favorite unity's system over every other game. Unity had the absolute best stealth system (especially if you flesh out the bugs like guards having eagle level spotting). What I like most about Unity is four major things:

  1. I love the fact that you can seamlessly enter and exit buildings during stealth, which added so much diversity to the parkour.
  2. The Black Box assassinations. Anyone who´s played Unity or Syndicate you know what I´m talking about. And this fits perfectly well with AC 1´s structure of having 3 targets per city. Imagine having black boxes with opportunities. Imagine having more freedom in assassinations, so for example in the hospital mission you would have to blend in but have the chance to let a patient escape and distract guards. The possibilities are endless and would improve the tedious assassinations so much.
  3. Unity used double Item equipping, which made stealth way more interesting. You could chain together items to pull off kills, like throwing a smoke-bomb and immediately shooting someone with a phantom blade. It added so much fluidity. Therefore since I would like the AC remake to be very stealth based and Unity's system works best. Just imagine being to chain smoke bombs and throwing knives fluidly.
  4. The "Last seen" mechanic was also the best thing added because it made the guards smarter and made your hiding more interesting.
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Parkour: So the Unity gushing is over. Honestly for Parkour I really like AC1's system, it's more free than any other as you have side ejects, ledge grabs, etc. If anything needs to change, it's just that the animations could be improved and to include Unity's descend button.

Open World: Here´s the most radical idea. The open world should be expansive like AC Origins/Odyssey/Valhalla. AC 1 did have the kingdom as a "open world", but it was barren and a waste of space. For me I think the Kingdom is the thing that could be heavily expanded on. Instead of having linear corridors that you can explore, why not just have an expansive open world that is about half of the size of origins. The Holy land in 1191 is a very cool place that has enough history to fill a map. We could have towns that vary in their religion and culture to reinforce the crusades time period. There are tons of Roman Ruins that you could explore (AC 1 already had a section with just roman ruins). Just from looking it up, there are tons of Roman Ruins in Isreal Alone, and this game would contains areas that are in modern day Syria and Lebanon. There´s varied Environments, ranging from grasslands to deserts, mountains, seas. It has enough substance to be expanded on and Ubisoft has enough geographical and historic landmarks to play with. It should feel big but not Origins level big. Just enough so you feel the sensation that this is an epic quest that spans multiple cities. Hell, despite being the smallest cities in the series, most of them feel pretty big, so all that would need to be done is to redo the textures and maybe have 1:1 recreations of historical locations like the Dome of the Rock and the Omayad Mosque like Syndicate and Unity had. The cities don´t have to become any bigger, just denser, add enteriors to buildings, have more character by doing simple things like making the NPCs do certain daily tasks like Origins and Odyssey did with NPCs who made bread, etc.

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Bad photoshop of my dream map

Size Comparison

Mission Types: Naturally I thinks the structure of going to the city, finding intel and assassinating the target should stay the same. But instead of having boring quests like "interrogate A or kill X amount of guards" to get intel, it is more varied and like the modern games, where you have scripted events to find intel. And with the added benefit of interiors and open world in the city you could have missions like, infiltrate and steal X document from a fort, or leave the city to X area and talk to a civilian in a town. The possibilities are endless to make the intel gathering more interesting. And all this put together would give you all the intel needed to start the black box assassination mission to finish off the sequence. It all would work together. I would also prefer if the game kept the limit to around 3 intel missions per assassination target. So in total it would take about 2-3 hours to complete an assassination (2-3 x 9 = 18 – 27 hours to complete the main story).

Now for side missions, it shouldn´t be bloated like the RPG saga but still have some side quests in small towns or in the middle of nowhere dispersed around the open world that would lead you to chests with money, weapons or cosmetics. Perhaps even riddles or roman artifacts you could collect and bring back to Masayaf. Maybe have a system similar to Red Dead 2 where we could find certain materials in the open world that Assassins or residents of Masayaf request. And instead of having the Templar´s just randomly being in a corner of the city, the remake could spread them across the open world.

But what gets me excited is the city side missions. The enigmas from Unity could make a return to add activities. Naturally the typical "Liberate this area" or "I need help" NPC side quests would exist still but with a twist. One of the half a dozen areas in the district will be an opportunity mission. That once you complete it will reward you with an opportunity when you start the assassination mission which will give you an advantage. Perhaps you help out a fellow assassin and he promises to take out one of the "special guard" in the mission that´s blocking an entrance. Or you help a civilian who coincidentally manages the sewers and gives you the key to unlock a secret entrance in the Black Box mission

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So that´s my dream AC1 remake. This took me a while to write so I'd really appreciate for you guys to comment your opinions on it


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