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What’s the Deal with New Content?

This is sort of a rant post but I have honest questions:

Problems With New Content to AC Valhalla

Someone tell me why every “pack” added to AC Valhalla since it was released has either been some over-the-top unrealistic fantasy gear, or just a reskin of existing armour. Is Ubisoft afraid to make armour that is just normal looking. Most armour in the game is heavy-looking, over-ornate, and just straight up weird. So I was hoping that maybe the added content would offer more “useable” gear but that just hasn’t been the case. Out of all the new content (gear) added since release: one set is covered in blood, one is on fire and rocky, one is straight outta LOTR, one is heavy glowing blue ice, one is a reskin of the huntsman armour, one is a reskin of the the Galloglach armour (or however you spell it), one is a reskin of the Thegn armour, and the one coming out next is a reskin of the hidden ones armour. Just because they make a unique helmet with the reskin, doesn’t mean it’s a new armour set, IMO it just feels lazy and cheap. I love AC Valhalla, and I love how much customisation you get, but I feel like as of late February Ubisoft has kinda dropped the ball with added content. The river raids are great but they should’ve been in the game day one, the game should’ve had a transmog system already, but instead every update has had to do major bug fixes. Don’t get me wrong, I want the game to run well and not be glitchy, but I’m also sick of putting off doing a lot of free roaming because I don’t want my character running around England with giant gold pauldrons, a long skirt, and a sword the size of a Giant on his back. I’m all for adding cool fantasy looking sets to the game, but they need to be balanced out by some more realistic looking ones.

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I have seen a lot of players with similar complaints and Ubisoft still just releases the same crap, the game has been out for nearly 5 months, you would think that there would be more than 3 sets of gear in the game that look semi-realistic. I’m curious others think about this, do people actually like the fantasy looking armour sets? Does anybody else find it really annoying that they are charging real money for just a recolour of an existing armour set? Why is it that every new gear pack added to the game has a shield?Also, an semi-unrelated note: is anybody else annoyed with the double sheath when you have a two handed weapon equipped? It seems weird to just have an empty sheath hanging off Eivors back just because you want to use a dagger and sword.


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