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Which one is your favorite from the recent trilogy?

Content of the article: "Which one is your favorite from the recent trilogy?"

For me it's Origins > Valhalla > Odyssey

Kassandra had the greatest personality, but the story was the weakest. Did enjoy a couple of side characters though. Didn't care for the loot system and there was way too much magic stuff. Did like the boat stuff, but didn't care for the big battles. I don't care about the dialog options and steering the story yourself. Just give me a good story and great characters.

Valhalla gives the most freedom, and I genuinely care about the other characters instead of only the protagonist. The romance options felt way less forced and weird compared to Odyssey. No one was just freely fucking around like Odyssey would have us believe. Less magic stuff is also a good thing. I really dug having a place of my own again and wielding a hidden blade. But again, don't care about the dialog options and steering the story yourself. Completely unnecessary.

Bayek was a great character and the silly romance options weren't a thing yet because of the great relationship he and Aya had. Their shared grief of losing a son was heartbreaking and kept the story moving towards a great, and fitting end. However, except for a few side characters, most weren't that memorable. But, I'm actually fine with that considering the quality of Bayek and Aya's characters. Ancient Egypt is also the best location AC has ever had and it was great fun learning about this complex society. Dark Ages England just isn't that culturally advanced and Greece felt too mythical. These places didn't feel that tour worthy, but Egypt certainly was and I'm glad they added the tour option. The only thing I wished they did do was turning the Pyramids into breathtakingly epic puzzle platformers to solve including hidden traps and secret passages. Oh well.

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Origins for the win.

(And for the love of god, they should stop with the Animus and Isu storylines. I don't care. Secret societies battling it out because of ideological differences is more than good enough as context. Just give us great characters and storylines during the different time periods each game is set in.)

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