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Why an AC1 Remake could to soft reboot the franchise while tying nicely with AC Valhalla’s modern day plot and ending.

Content of the article: "Why an AC1 Remake could to soft reboot the franchise while tying nicely with AC Valhalla’s modern day plot and ending."

Disclaimer: I'm very out of touch with the expanded lore and characters shown in supplementary media like comics and books, and even then i've long forgotten many details about the First Civilization. As such there may be discrenpacies. Take it as simple wishful thinking of a long time casual fan.

So lately i've been playing Origins and damn is it good. Often i find myself thinking how AC1 time period (personal favorite) could really work with this model. Hunting the templar targets with flexibility to chose the next assassination, travelling through Damascus, Acre, Jerusalem and all the land in between as a true open map, meeting characters with meaningful side quests that better flesh out the time period while also enjoying the many quality of life improvements (swimming) introduced in later titles. If they manage to marry the light rpg elements and revamped combat with a greater emphasis on stealth and being an Assassin (something the new "trilogy" hasn't done) that would not only do the first game justice, which we all know hasn't aged very well, but return the franchise to it's roots. They would also be able to fit in some of Altair's later life story and even expand beyond it.

Ok, all that is just run-of-the-mill fanservice and wouldn't really move the franchise forward. Maybe bring back the focus on the Assassins and Templars conflict but that's about it. But here's where the modern day story comes in.

(Warning: AC Valhalla ending spoiled ahead)

If we break down Layla's story she basically fufilled the exact same role Desmond perfomed in 2012: "Animus user whose purpose is to relive the memories of long dead people that came in contact with Those Who Came Before in order to activate an Isu macguffin and prevent the end of the world. They end up sacrificing themselves in the process, releasing an untrustworthy Isu that was trapped inside it". Layla stays in the Yggdrasil Chamber with the Reader/Desmond to explore possible futures in order to stop another incoming world ending catastrophe. Since he's been simulating timelines set in the aftermath of ACIII ending's, she suggests they explore one where Desmond didn't stop the solar flare , something he hasn't considered before. They both become disembodied light beings and alongside the Yggdrasil form a very on-the-nose nod to Adam, Eve and the forbidden tree, signalling the end of an era and start of a new one. A new cycle begins.

But what if, after multiple calculations, they realize the only way to save the world from this continuos cycle of impending doom is to allow it to happen, leaving the Isu and it's technology in the past once and for all? What if the best chance of survival is to somehow undo Desmond sacrifice (after all why would Layla specifically mention it?). Back to ACIII's ending Juno details how the world would be if Desmond let the solar flare happen. What if that's humanity's best bet?

Imagine: Ubisfot announces the AC1 remake and we all think it's just a nice way to please old time fans and pass the time while we wait for the next big game. However as we are playing it, we realize some story beats are diverging from the 2007's original. There's new hidden messages and mysteries on the Animus. Slowly we start piecing together that something-or someone- with foreknowledge trying to warn Desmond about what's to come. Though it'd be easy to handwave it into the lore, we don't even need time travel for that. With Isu technology The Reader and Layla could find a way to communicate with 2012!Desmond, trying to guide him in order to avoid making the same mistakes (Think Mortal Kombat 9 soft reboot). Not even like it hasn't happened before. In Revelations, Ezio managed to directly address (and rest a hand on his shoulder no less) Desmond through the freaking Animus.

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I know it's common in long running franchises to cheaply abuse the time travel card and undo the bad stuff, but i think it would be a nice way to "start over". Imo AC Valhalla's ending is the only interesting thing to happen in the modern day plot since ACIII basically killed it, and i don't even really care for Desmond or Layla. At leats it would also get rid of most of the unnecessary bloat.

What do you guys think?

(sorry for the long post)


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