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Why Doesn’t Darius (Artabanus) Have His Own Game? Assassin’s Creed: Persia?

Content of the article: "Why Doesn’t Darius (Artabanus) Have His Own Game? Assassin’s Creed: Persia?"

Don't get me wrong, who doesn't like to play as Vikings. However, I thought the common theme with the last 2 Assassin Creed games was going back further in time, than we've ever been before to explore the origins of both the Assassins (Hidden Ones) and the Templars (Order of the Ancients).

We know since Assassin's Creed Origins that Amunet is one of the founders of the Brotherhood, and her ancestor is Elpidios and through him, Kassandra, Natakas and Darius are also her ancestors.

We know Darius' trained Elpidios and thus Darius' ideology and teachings would be passed down through Elpidios to his decedents. Thus eventually becoming part of the teachings passed down in the Order of the Assassins.

So why not return to a part of the World, where the Assassin's Creed games began all those years ago (Prince of Persia)? There's definitely a lot of room for story telling, since most of the history we have on the Achaemenid Empire is provided to us by Herodotus, and other Greek historians (Xenophon, etc.), and other artifacts, Babylonian tablets, Persian admin tablets, etc.

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Perhaps the Order of the Ancients was controlling all of the ancient empires at the time? These empires were Babylon, Media, Lydia, and Egypt. Thus it was Cyrus the Great who would rebel against the oppressive Order of the Ancients in Media (which is ruled by his grandfather according to Herodotus), and forge the Achaemenid Empire through a proto-Assassin's Brotherhood group (maybe he founded Darius' freedom fighting group?).

Cyrus the Great did free enslaved peoples notably the Jews from their Babylonian Exile, and his rule was extremely enlightened for his time, and revolutionary. Perhaps his son, Cambyses would also be a proto-Assassin and seek to liberate Egypt from the Order of Ancients as well, however, it would be Darius the Great, (who is supported by the Order of the Ancients) that kills Cambyses. Darius would also go back to Persia and kill Cyrus' other son; Bardiya, establishing the Order of the Ancients now controlling the empire through Darius the Great.

Maybe Bardiya and Cambyses would somehow survive, and/or Cyrus' proto-assassin's group will live on and we'll get to play as Darius (Artabanus) and see his story. See how and why he joins the proto-assassins. Seeing through his eyes how Xerxes destroys his beloved Persia and get to play as the first hidden blade user himself, and his journey to combat the Order of the Ancients.

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I just really feel like there is untapped potential here, and Ubisoft always does a fantastic job of recreating these beautiful landscapes and cities from history and adding their own interesting dynamic to historic events and how the Assassins and Templars shaped them.

What do you all think? Should the next game go back to Darius' time, or perhaps somewhere else?


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