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Why is AC: Odyssey an awesome game

As a person who played various game throughout multiple years, I rank AC Odyssey as one of my favorite. I will start by listing my favorite parts and procced to staff redditors are not happy about. I played Kassandra so from now on I am going to refer to main character as K.

Good parts of the Odyssey

Map is very similar to AC Origins map which is simple enough but at the same time have all the information you need for an enjoyable playthrough. I was completely satisfied with this map.

Quest system was clear, most of the quest were interesting even thought after some time, some of then started to ger repeatable. But these not interesting quests where mainly connected to clearing bandit camps and another points of interests.

K. main quest is to find her mother, but I see this more as an excuse. I think K. wanted so explore Greece and find her place in this world. I took the main story as a backround and expolered interesting side stories of Greece. The main quest is done qualitatively and it takes you thoughtout the most of the Greece. (as it should looking, at you AC:Valhalla).

Deimos and Order of Cosmos were good opponents for K. Every time Deimos showed up, I tensed and waited for what happens next. Despite that the story ends suddenly and it is quite lame, all the other quests and storyline balances it out.

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Armors are superior to AC Origins with its variety, perks and styles. Complete sets and Special weapons have good special abilities which made my gameplay more enjoyable. Upgrading my gear to my current XP level was not that hard and I welcomed option for choosing an additional Engravings.

Combat is good and it is better than in Origins and a way better then in Valhalla. But Abilities are the real specialty of this game. Making combos and calculating when to use what ability, was one of my reason why I love this game.

DLCs are the real reason I am writing this article. They made me love this game. The Fate of Atlantis was and amazing mythological story with cool locations, character and quests. I enjoy every second of it.

I like the modern-day meeting between K. and Layla and I hope we will see K. in the future games.

Most of the discussed Negatives from Reddit and YT community

  1. (Copy of Origins) They copied some features but that it. For many people it can seem similar because Greek and Egypt cultures can be look similar.
  2. (Lame story) The main story wasn’t the best but, in my mind, all the other things do balance it out.
  3. (Map too big) Map is big that true, but nobody is forcing you to explore everything.
  4. (Modern day) Yes, the modern day is different, but it is a fine way to tie it to Origins ending and at the same time it was a good set up for Valhalla. I enjoyed interactions with ISU and seeing some what their culture.
  5. (not an Assassin) Lack of social stealth wasn’t any disappointment to me. There is enough of stealth if you want it. The real reason why people are angry about it, is that I doesn’t play any role in the main story.
  6. (RPG aspect) I think people were expecting more of a regular RPG then Ubisoft intended.
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I hope I explained my self properly and I an open to any discussion about my points.


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