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67 Hours into 2042, it’s time for my pros, cons and general thoughts

Hey guys, so I'm currently just shy of 70hrs worth of gameplay into 2042. Here's my list of things I like about the game, and the things I don't. Please remember that some of these are just my views on the game, yours may differ and that's perfectly fine. If you wish to discuss anything I've put down in this list then please feel free to 🙂

Things I Like:

  • There are certain areas on certain maps that feel great to play with the mix of cover, vehicles and infantry -> B1 and B2 on Discarded for example.
  • The guns that don't have over-tuned random spread/bloom feel great to use. For example, the SCAR or the DMR's.
  • When playing with an organized group of friends, the inner squad synergy between specialists and gadgets can be brilliant.
  • The overall visual vibe of the game looks fantastic if your system can support it.
  • Vehicular warfare can be extremely engaging when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Portal is a fun novelty, especially when it comes to playing some older titles such as 1942 or BF3. Also checking out some of the quirky game-modes the community has created.
  • Since the patch and server maintenance, the game feels much smoother to play now than what it did at early access launch.
  • I love the system of switching out attachments on the fly. However, the UI for this could be greatly improved.
  • The movement system -> I know many people will argue this, but after getting used to how the movement mechanics work, I actually really enjoy it's flow. I feel like this current system is a nice middle ground between BF4 and BFV movement mechanics.
  • Audio is nice when I don't compare it to other Battlefield titles. I don't have any complaints about the current audio design, but I'm not exactly singing its praises either.
  • The specialist system. I thought this would be my number 1 complaint on the game, but through playing I have found that this hasn't really impacted my play experience. There certainly needs to be some balancing here and there, but overall I think it works pretty well.

Things I don't like/complaints:

  • AoW 128 player Conquest maps are just too big and lifeless -> It was a nice experiment, however I feel like the maps should be scaled down a bit to meet a middle ground between classic 64 player maps and what we have currently. Less bare and open fields would be nice too.
  • The UI is far too convoluted. We need scaling options so we can downsize it a bit + the ability to change opacity on world markers when aiming near them. The system from BFV would work well here.
  • Performance is still all over the shop. The game needs a lot of optimization passes before this can be deemed acceptable.
  • Hit rego is still a bit of an issue. However, I have found that this has improved a fair bit since the last patch and server maintenance.
  • Weapon random spread/bloom is way too strong on many weapons. For example, using the M5A3 assault rifle beyond 30 meters is basically like betting on a slot machine.
  • The PP-29 is ridiculously OP right now. In my opinion, the gun needs a slight nerf to its CQ damage output + a massive nerf to its effective range.
  • The SVK DMR is too powerful with it's 2 shot kill potential across all ranges. The gun currently is a laser-beam shot, and getting off 2 quick body shots is far too quick and easy. I personally would like to see its RoF reduced, and effective range reduced also.
  • The Hovercraft is ridiculous. It has way too much health, moves way too fast considering how 'tanky' the vehicle is, and its weapons are far too effective. DICE has already stated that this will be fixed in the upcoming patch.
  • Too many vehicles on the battlefield. As an infantry player, I'm spending most of my time having to deal with the on-going barrage of Tanks, Hovercrafts, Jeeps and Heli's, rather than getting into firefights with other infantry.
  • Squad based team-play is basically non-existent when playing as a solo player. This could be blamed on the new specialist system, or on the removal of squad leader call-ins (think of the artillery barrage that squad leaders could call when the squad accrues enough points in BFV).
  • The lack of VOIP in a Battlefield game is completely beyond me. Just give us squad VOIP so we can atleast attempt to work together.
  • The revive system is completely half baked. They nailed this system in BFV, when you go down you can see how far away the closest medics are to you. Also medics could ping a downed team-mate, giving them the notification that you are on the way.
  • The revive bug (not being able to be revived if your body has clipped a wall or water) is just annoying. DICE has stated that this is getting fixed in the upcoming patch
  • The lack of weapons in the base game is atrocious to say the least. Hopefully we see more additions before the first big content update in February.
  • The scoreboard -> This needs to be changed ASAP. The players have spoken, we want a traditional scoreboard! Not this snowflake version we have currently.
  • No global chat -> Once again, stop catering towards the snowflakes in the game. Give us global chat! I miss getting called a 'hacker' 5 times a game XD.
  • Lack of server browser for AoW is an issue for me personally. I hate having to queue for a match, then possibly getting thrown into a match with a minute of gameplay left 6 times in a row is not fun! Or also consistently getting the same map over and over.
  • To add on to the last point, the lack of persistent servers and forcing us to re-queue after every match is just frustrating.
  • Lack of destruction, this feels like a massive step backwards in this area. Metal container vs Tank shell -> Container wins.

As you can see, there are unfortunately more cons than pros to the game in its current state. However, I do feel that these problems can and will be fixed in due time. Balancing issues will definitely be adjusted over time, especially as DICE gets more and more data on what the player base is doing. There is also a few things I would like to see added, such as; Classic Conquest/Breakthrough, where there are no specialists, instead traditional classes with locked weapons and gadgets. I would also like to see a more in depth weapon customization system, something that could compete with likes of COD's Gunsmith. I do firmly believe they have a good foundation here to create the ultimate Battlefield experience, the devs definitely have a lot of work ahead to get it there however.

P.S. There are a few things I didn't mention above, mainly due to seeing separate threads consistently popping up on those I have missed. However, please feel free to mention them in the comments below, or any thoughts you may have on the title.


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