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a 10 year vet BF player Review of this beta: If you are concerned, you should be !

Hello guys:

So I played yesterday for a bunch of hours, trying to consume everything this beta had to offer, giving it time for my brain to understand what DICE is trying to achieve here. After going through a lot of comments, youtube videos, getting a feel for the community all I can say is this. BF 2042 is not the battlefield we need. I know this is a 2 month old build, but Im sorry you cant shield your way out of this DICE. So lets break it down to my main concerns.

  1. BF is all about squads and everyone having their role within your squad. They totally destroyed this. How? the medic used to only be good for 2 things, heal your squad, and revive quick. Plain and simple. Now, everyone just gets their own toys, and nobody is locked to certain items in a class, plus the speialists have 1 locked ability, which you cannot change. This kills battlefield in so many ways, this feels more like a COD Warzone, even animations are the same, I cant believe they added armor plates and putting them on COD LIKE !!!
  2. Specialists are so wrong: Having the same specialists in both teams is a really bad direction for immersion, map awareness, and overall kills the BF experience. Give us back soldier customization and random soldiers really. BF5 nailed this in my opinion. If you were gonna make specialists, you should have gone the battlefront 2 way, where you have a point system that then allows yo to spawn 1 specialist. That would have been cool, and just lock 1 specialist per squad, so you cant have 2 running at the same time on each squad. That way I dont see 40 soldiers with the same skin on both teams.
  3. Too many bugs, this game needs a lot of work to feel solid. Wont go into details on bugs, cause there are so many, but clean this thing up man, Its sad really.
  4. Map awareness: where is the big map in game? in bf5 you pressed selct on xbox one and u could see everything ! Also when I died i knew if a medic was nearby … or if there was a support ammo box, this is all dead now. Hopefully they fix this and give us class based items again, feels more battlefield, and yeah i repeated this. So important.
  5. Sound: No enemy steps near, cant hear nothing, had so many soldiers come from behind so easily and melee me. By the way third person melee so COD man, our melee takedowns were first person and solid. just look at bf4 !!! That was a bad decision !!!
  6. The colors are way too saturated on everything . Everything is too bright, too gloomy, too shiny, i miss BF1 where colors where the perfect balance. This needs work.
  7. Respawn system needs fixing, ton of times spawned randomly next to an enemy or next to a tank, DICE really?

Dont want to extend this more, cause I feel frustrated really, the direction this game is going, is far away from the glory days of BF franchise. My advice to DICE, go back to BF4, BF1, and take everything that worked there, and find a way to implement them into this game, maybe its too late, but ive seen so many game overhauls over the years, take battlefront 2 as an example, game was garbage at launch, and turned into one of DICE best games in the last 10 years. If you dont believe me go play it, super fun, and the system progression in game just works. Go back to my point number 2 and you will understand what Im saying.


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