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A Battlefield V Guide: How I Know You’re Bad At BFV.

Content of the article: "A Battlefield V Guide: How I Know You’re Bad At BFV."

This post is a mix of being both constructive and critical. I’m willing to discuss any of the future statements with any of you.

First, about me, take this as you will but I am extremely good at FPS shooters especially bfv. I have a 3.00 KD that would be much higher if I didn’t have an obsession with getting every vehicle and weapon to rank 10 even the god awful trash that I wouldn’t recommend. But through ranking every weapon and class to max rank you learn a lot. 90% of my deaths are from being shot in the back or sniped but we’ll get to that. I’m not expecting everyone to be as good as I am, but these are things Ive noticed that would make anyone a 10x better bfv player. If you don’t believe me then simply try it, I’m willing to bet that you’d be better, just be honest with yourself if you do any of these things I’m going to mention and If you doubt my skill then we can play sometime and I can simply show you. Now onto the guide:

How I know you’re bad at bfv:

1.) NOT SHOOTING FLARES IMMEDIATELY I can’t tell you how bad this is for you and your team. A sniper spamming flares can single handedly win a game. I can SEE YOU on the map my KD goes from a 3 to a 19 when a flare is up. You should be good enough to be paying attention to your map long enough to see the notification mentioning a spotting flare has spotted you. If you don’t notice it then that leads to my second point.

2.) YOU DON’T LOOK AT YOUR MINI MAP There are many reasons you should be getting into the habit of looking at your map, as I’m running around about 40-50% of my time is looking at the map. You’ll notice more, what to avoid and WHEN A SPOTTING FLARE IS UP!

3.) YOU’RE A USELESS SCOUT Another way I know you’re bad at bfv is that you are useless to your team as you sit back, outside of the objective spending half your ammo to snipe at someone who can’t shoot you back. To have so many chances and still miss, only bad players do this. With most snipers I have a 58% accuracy, I can prove 99% of you who do this are bad because I’ll get you when you have someone who can actually fire back on you, counter sniping is my favorite, and nothing makes me happier than 3 shot 3 kills on 3 useless snipers trying to get me at the same time. If you have 25 kills almost no deaths and you aren’t in the top 10 congrats you were useless and annoying. Playing as a sniper you need to get in there, I’m almost always #1 as scout by doing my next point.

4.) YOU’RE A SCOUT WHO DOESN’T USE YOUR FLARES! As mentioned above in point 1, flares can win games, shoot them over the objective and watch the score you get, usually between 600-1,000+ the battle could go from a stalemate on an objective to slaughter if you just shoot the flares.

5.) YOU’RE A MEDIC WHO DOESN’T REVIVE! The single most important class in the game and it’s not even close. A medic can win a game by himself as I have 100s of times and it’s not even hard to get into top 5 even if you come in late and have 7 kills and 2 deaths, if you’re a medic and not in the top 3 then I know you weren’t reviving and I know you’re bad, if you say “maybe I don’t wanna heal” fine maybe that doesn’t make you bad, but it does make your useless and it does make you a bad medic The only reason not be top 3 as a medic if the other top 3 were just better medics. I don’t think I’ve ever not been #1 as a medic. When a teammate is killed and you revive them not only do they add to the bodies on an objective you’re taking, THEY KNOW WHO KILLED THEM AND WHERE THEY ARE SO SAVE THEM! Nothing bothers a player more than when a medic is close or worse, standing over your body and they don’t revive when it’s clear they can, but sometimes it’s not safe to revive which leads nicely along to point 6.

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6.) YOU’RE A DUMB MEDIC When someone goes down right, that means that someone killed them, seems like an obvious statement but too many medics run straight to downed players without even looking around and I have to watch as my hope of a revive is shattered as 3 clowns come running up to me to get mowed down one after the other because they didn’t kill the guy standing in the corner clearly killing everyone. Clear the room or area first and if you’re not sure then throw some smoke. I also know you’re a dumb medic when you come and revive me in an open field without a smoke. I call it every time and I’m glad they get sniped or blown up because that’s what you deserve for the stupidity. Pro Medic tip: Pay attention, you can see many dead bodies which is great I see it as borderline cheating because it tells you exactly where the enemy is!

7.) YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO REACH A FAR AWAY OBJECTIVE ON BREAKTHROUGH, FRONTLINES, OR RUSH! As a medic…. shoot your smoke grenades infront of your advancing force, if at least 3 medics do this then TAADAA you’re all over them before they can react. If you are in a game and you’re upset that your team can’t reach the objective then be useful, be a medic and do it yourself. If you don’t have the smoke rifle equipped then you’re a bad medic.

8.) YOU DON’T UTILIZE SMOKE LIKE YOU SHOULD! Smoke grenades are great for smoking out snipers on their side, which is what you want because it forces them to move in, flee, or sit there,all in all, they are pacified for a little. Use the smoke on tanks if your a medic, yes a tank can escape with smoke, but if it’s destroying you and your team then blind him, hell it may allow support or assault to run up the tank. If you’re a no skilled shotgun user then use smoke to bridge the gap, throw away your useless grenade and opt for a smoke grenade.

9.) YOU DON’T BUILD ENOUGH AS ANY CLASS! When I join a game and I notice that the objectives captured by my team don’t have the supply or medic depot built I know I’m on a bad team. Building up defenses does a lot more than you think and can easily stop an enemy attack on the objective you’re defending.

10.) YOU DON’T FOCUS THE TANKS! This is a big one, tanks can stomp your team, it’s sad and pathetic that when I’m playing I notice that the tanks live longer than 5 minutes and it’s even more sad when I feel forced to go to assault and then destroy 2 tanks in one life because no one else could and it is that easy, assault anti-tank capabilities should be nuked into the ground, if 5 assault target the tank immediately then it’ll be evaporated before it could react. Speaking of tanks.

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11.) YOU WASTE THE TANK Congrats you have 48 kills and no deaths from sitting in a tank on the edge of your teams spawn camping there, but oh wait, your team still lost and you are somehow at #15 on the scoreboard while being beaten by a medic who is 4&21. Tanks are used to push forward and capture objectives, you’re not good for camping like that, you know it, we know it. You’re the player who plays campaigns on easy and still finds it challenging.

12.) YOU DON’T PROTECT YOUR TANKS Just like in real combat, if you don’t protect your tanks then they are useless. Hey tank drivers, have you ever pushed an objective with the team only for them all to abandon you immediately after and then get swarmed and surround and demolished before being able to react? Tanks can win a game, help them, repair them and don’t leave them alone, but that also goes for tank drivers, don’t just drive off like a fool work as a team.

13.) YOU DON’T DEFEND YOUR NEW OBJECTIVE! Breakthrough, when you capture a point, half of you should be defending it, but usually it’s none of you. Ever have those games where you take B then when you’re finally taking A they are now taking B back, and it follows that pattern until you lose. I have singlehandedly stopped enemy teams from retaking the objective we just took because I decided to defend, don’t worry it’s not boring you will get plenty of action.

14.) YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO DEFEND ON BREAKTHROUGH! Just like what I said above, if the enemy takes A and you have B then try focusing on retaking A because I guarantee 90% of them have left A defenseless because 90% of their team is bad.

15.) YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT THE ANNOYING PLANE BUT DON’T FOCUS IT! 3 players focusing that annoying plane with anti-air equipment or stationary weapons and it’s gone in seconds, do that enough and the pilot will get very aggravated and either stop flying or quit because usually when a pilot is that good they suck horrifically as anything else. Just kill it!

16.) YOU LAY DOWN WHEN YOU ARE BEING SHOT AT! I don’t know why I’m telling any of you this because it will only hurt me buttttt, when you are running and I start shooting at you and you lay down it makes me happy because now you’re a flat stationary target and my kill is guaranteed. Don’t stop running, do you know how hard it is to snipe you if you run in a unpredictable pattern?!?! Try it, watch.

17.) YOU STAND STILL TO SHOOT PEOPLE! Why do you stop moving? I can line up a shot on your head from 100 meters in less than a second and I’m not the only one, sway as you fire, it’ll take some practice but you’ll watch your deaths go down by 300%, bet.

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18.) YOURE AN ASSAULT ATTACKING A TANK AND YOU FIRE FROM THE SAME SPOT TWICE! If You do this to most tank drivers then you’re dead, if you haven’t noticed.

19.) YOU DONT GET IN THE OBJECTIVE AREA! It doesn’t matter, bodies!!!! Just get in there, you’d be surprised how fast you can turn a losing objective around by just getting in there bonus if you have a medic reviving everyone making sure you have number superiority on the objective. You’re not helping as much as you think you are by camping just outside the objective area.

20.) YOU GET ARROGANT THAT YOUR TEAM IS WINNING ON BREAKTHROUGH SO YOU PUSH OUT OF DEFENDING THE OBJECTIVES! Stay on the objectives!!! They will come to you don’t worry. Ever notice how they sneak around and just take the objective because you are fighting just outside of it?!

21.) YOU DONT SNEAK AROUND AND CAP OBJECTIVES! You’ll never lose a game if you get your squad in a car, Jeep, or half-track and just ride between objectives or to the furthest objective on breakthrough, it’s always undefended and will cause the enemy team to split their numbers to defend, and on conquest they won’t be able to keep up with you.

22.) YOU USE A 6x SCOPE AS A SNIPER Only bad snipers do this, you don’t need a 6x scope to headshot people, I’ve never touched one and I destroy snipers that do use them, you are easy to locate, I know when you are looking at me, and it’s just foolish to give your position away, git gud and go with 3x scope for no glare, they won’t know when or where you’re shooting.

23.) YOU DON’T THROW AMMO BOXES DOWN CONSTANTLY AS SUPPORT Your team needs ammo, through it down as much as you can, it means more smoke, more flares and more anti-tank equipment. I don’t want to run 50 miles for an ammo depot.

24.) YOU DON’T SELECT OR SWITCH TO APCR ROUNDS AS A TANK AGAINST TANKS! Tiger can 2 shot a Sherman with APCR rounds, 53 damage a shot to the FRONT, nuff said.


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