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I know the game is discontinued and all, but i gotta get this off my chest.

There are many problems I have with this mode. aside from it being linked to grand operations only (Which is pretty much a dead playlist) and that the Germans still drop out of C47 aircraft accompanied by british NPC's, I'm just disappointed about how small the gamemode feels compared to when i first saw it in the multiplayer trailer. So i've thought about a rework in how the mode should play out mainly on bigger maps like panzerstorm and Twisted steel.

Have access to the full map, as appose to just a tiny portion, and have Artillery guns (objectives for the airborne team to destroy) scattered all around it on various locations (maybe 3-5 in total). give the defending team the ability to spawn anywhere on the map and allow them to set up defenses against the attackers via AA guns. as for the airborne team, increase the amount of planes to spawn in (maybe double the existing amount) and have them fly at a higher altitude so they would be harder to shoot down, yet with a smaller amount of health.

In my opinion, this example of a rework would allow for a more scattered and larger feeling gameplay. it would make the attackers more strategically aware of where they need to land and how they'll tackle their objectives, while the defenders will have to be more paranoid and situationally aware of defending their objectives.

Now onto map specific details. I'm targeting twisted steel in particular. maybe give it a night time or slightly dusk setting and It could be turned into Operation Overlord almost perfectly. also, the bridge could be present in its fixed state like how it is in Conquest: Grind. as for other maps I really have no other idea of what they could be based off of. rotterdam could be renovated to be operation market garden, but the setting might be a bit far fetched.

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I'm interested in the concept of BFV's airborne mode, I just don't think it's perfected. of course, this is all just one of my personal thoughts and will most likely never come true, but I still thought I'd discuss it because why not? I'd love to know what you guys think and whether you agree or disagree with my idea. danke schön!


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