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Bad encounter on #1 bf4 rush servers.

Content of the article: "Bad encounter on #1 bf4 rush servers."

Wanting to play Battlefield 4 today. Go on a english server named luxserver that is by the way considered spoofed by my player count checker extension on chrome.

Played LMG, saw a dude at a corner and decided to use C4.

Then someone in the chat said !report Wilkam "another C4 autist". It instant killed me and put me at a negative reputation.

I typed !rules, C4 was not in the rules. Then guess, what. The dude that type the command was an admin and when I tried to also report him for saying that I was a autistic or just by simple revenge which is the case probably.

He literally put my reputation at -50 and kicked me out of the server just because I said that he was a badmin. The admin was called DU5T4ever and he literally banned me after insulting me multiple time on the chat.

He could have just auto-killed me, and then said in the chat that C4 was not allowed. But he instead called me autist and literally kicked me out of the server. I said to him before he revealed as a admin that typing "C4 autist" is not a good reason for a report.

What a twist!

I just re-installed the game because of nostalgia and the first server I go in I got kicked by some admin. Some people say that I'm unlucky, or that it's nothing but It trigger me. I cannot support injustice at all.

I'm making this post out of rage, an admin shouldn't ban player because of salt. If you're an admin and you cannot take yours responsibilities then maybe you shouldn't be an admin. Insulting player, calling them autistic and using this as an insult.

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And kicking and banning and putting reputation at -50. During a match in front of 40 people. That's just abuse, Youtuber saying "Battlefield community is the best" every freaking videos. Not it's not, it never has been.

I also was an admin of some BC2 servers and I never acted like that. It make me sad thinking that this is the sort of mentality that admin have now.

Might just go play some PlanetSide 2 at least there is no badmin and the community is very nice unlike this masquerade that Battlefield community as become, without hurting anyone I know there is nice people in this community. But I don't know where they are to be honest.

This is because of admin like that Battlefield 1 and 5 lack community server.

Anyways, this is just a petty post about a guy getting abused by a badmin on a BF4 servers. Just a small voice, it will probably "die in new" or get deleted by a moderator because I exposed someone or worst.


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