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BALERION’s BF6 Wishlist

My Battlefield 6 Wishlist

So we're a way's out from a BF6 reveal seeing as we did not get it at EA Play today. Figured I'd take the time to bring up my wishlist and see what you all personally want to see out of the next Battlefield. Here goes!

Areas of Importance

Gone should be the days of old school domination gameplay. Instead of points A-G, the map is divided into territorial zones/sectors. Capturing zones territorial zones requires that certain conditions are met in the form of sub-objectives.


Sector ALPHA is an airport. Capturing it unlocks the ability to bring in more support fighters/helicopters to the battlefield, or it reduces the respawn time for your teams air assets. Or perhaps, controlling it means an AC130 gunship is now available. OR your team's pilots have a wider radar range and can track enemy air assets. A conditional perk. Or all of these! The idea is that occupying a sector doesn't just bleed the enemy of tickets, it actually has a strategic purpose.

Zones have multiple conditions that must be met in order to take control of them. It is no longer about having more soldiers in the Sector, its having tactical and strategic control over certain sub-objectives. Communications, Logistical Support, Security and Efficiency are central to achieving these. What this means is that in order to capture the airfield, you need to push three separate objectives. Once one objective is contested, the 'benefit' of the zone is lost, as well as the ticket drip from controlling the sector.

  • There is a security office that oversees the airport's surveilance system. Overtaking the command center means you now have access to a few AI features:All strategic zones will have certain surveillance elements. CCTV Cameras, Metal Detectors, Motion Sensors. When you are in control of the Security sub objective, these AI powered cameras, detectors, and other security devices will automatically send position data of enemies who are detected by these devices to your team's minimap. Furthermore you can actually open up a 'Security Interface' (similar to Battlefield Hardline) where you can hack in to these devices for additional spotting if you have manned the Security Station's control position. You might even have access to other security features, such as security gates that could bar a potential entrance from vehicles. You would then be able to cut off the enemy's approach that they may have to use other means of access to get in to the area (more on that later!)
  • So now you have control of the Security sub objective, you've hacked into their systems and established a link into their feed. The enemy can no longer see you from the AI sensors protecting the base and constantly spotting your teamates for the enemy. Communications is next! Without communications, how are you able to send requests for support back to command? They'll not be able to send you that supply or vehicle drop, or see your artillery request if the communications link is down. and thusly you will need to disrupt the enemy's communications by establishing a link in the communications tower to make it your own. Here you've established a security foothold, but the enemy still has a direct link with their commander, and they can request reinforcements and support which means a counter attack could be on the way! So you have established control over the communications array and have hacked it so that you now have a line of communication with Command. What's last? LOGISTICS. This is where the actual zone has become cappable. You are in control of the two essentials to establish a foot hold in this sector, now you need manpower to take over the objective at the main capture point. The enemy's flag begins to fall, and you have established that this property is now claimed in the name of the Peaky Focking Blinders!
  • But… you'll notice. I mentioned Efficiency earlier. If you're attacking an enemy controlled sector that is well defended. How can you take away the effectiveness of their line of Communication and their Security? By disabling it all together. This is where the Powerstation comes in. BOOM. It goes up in a big cloud of smoke (until an engineer comes and repairs it). The lights go out. The airport goes into a complete blackout. They still have control, but they are unable to request logistical support from their commander. The surveillance equipment can no longer detect you. ITs black as fuck out, and its time to turn on those NODs! WE're going Dark! You still have to take control of these points, but you will no longer be a victim of their benefits until power is restored
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What this does is it creates meaningful emergent gameplay. Its no longer about just running and gunning, though there are many opportunities to do so along the way. Capturing a Sector requires teamwork. It requires strategy. As an enemy digs in to one powerful location the need to re-allocate resources and soldiers to one place may be more urgent and the commander may send a lot of squads to take a particular place. Consequentially, a team may decide that one particular objective is very important, and it needs to be defended. A commander then allocates two or three squads to dig in and build up the bases' defenses ( Hello BFV's base building mechanics. Machine gun nests, TOW turrets, sand bags. And of course squads working together to actually defend them. There is now a reason to be here, a reason to send Squad A to control the Security Station, Squad B to defend the Communications Tower, Squad C, to protect the Power Generator, all the while the hell of warfare is happening outside the perimeter of the airbase.

Well, Balerion you ask, that seems like a lot going on for one sector of a map consisting of five or six sectors.

Well consider this, this map isn't what you're used to in Battlefield. This map is the size of Call of Duty Warzone's map. You're not playing a 32vs32 conflict anymore. You're in a 100vs100 conflict. There might be only 6 sectors, that are rather large, and are worthy levels in their own right, BUUUUT. They will be densely pact with tense combat situations because they are necessary for either team to proceed. Squads consist of up to four players, meaning each team has a maximum potential of 20 squads. If there are a total of five sectors thats a total of 4 squads per a sector. 20vs20 conflict going on per a sector if the squads were distributed across the entire game map evenly… SO. This is actually a realistic and ideal scenario for fun and emergent gameplay.

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This is just one example though.

There are many different kinds of sectors that could exist.

  • A large train factory yard could bring in extra logistics, and reduce the time for ground vehicles, or soldiers to respawn for the entire team.
  • A harbor could give one team extra access to maritime assets, such as off coast artillery, cruise missles, etc…. or counter-maritime vehicles that can actually be manned to attack an enemy's spawn objective.
  • A Fuel Depot could be used to actually supply fuel. Could be interesting if vehicles actually had fuel, and if the proper hit boxes were hit, that fuel leaked over time, necessitating the need to quickly repair a vehicle to stop the leak, and to drive back to resupply both weapon ammo, and fuel itself. This would apply to vehicle assets of every type.

The Last Type Of Objective – Headquarters

So through the ages, Battlefield has gone through an array of having spawn points and HQs that have spawn protection and will kill the enemy if they get too close. Personally, I enjoyed the days of Battlefield 2 where you could infiltrate the enemies' main HQ. The reason you likely won't see much of it happening? Because there is no benefit to it aside from three main things:

The Command Center

The Logistics Station

The Artillery Implacements

Yes, I say bring them back. For those of you who did not play, this is what they did.

Remember when I mentioned early calling in supply drops from the Commander, or requesting recon (such as a UAV drone or satelite scan), or requesting an artillery barage on a location?

Well, each of these support branches are reliant on their physical HQ objective. Meaning if you destroy these, you cripple the enemy's commander to provide any of this to his team, even for areas under his team's influence. So this is a good way to rob the enemy of support options should you dare a black ops mission behind the lines to take them out. (Yes, they can be repaired by an engineer).

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But what would keep people from griefing the base? So that communication net and security station we were talking about? Those exist on HQs too. The catch is that you can not disable them on the HQs. Meaning you are constantly fighting to avoid HQ security systems and will have to manually disable each security device as you approach it (shooting out a camera, which can be repaired by engineers). However, doing so will alert anyone on the base of the camera's location, while getting caught by the camera, will alert players of your location. SO… there are mechanics that make attacking the main HQ a lot riskier and require much more strategy.


So as discussed earlier BF is notorious for integrating team organization at only the squad level. How would I do things differently here? I would add organization up to the Platoon Level. See, previously in BF2, communication worked like this: Commander Communicated to Squad Leaders, through Comms or through map command waypoints. Squad Leaders then communicated to the squad members in voice comms, or by map command waypoints. So how does this change in BF6? We're adding another layer of heirarchy which is important, because with 20 squads, a Commander's workload gets exhausting. How do we do that you ask? His orders go to the Platoon, it is then up to the Platoon leader to send orders to each squad.

  • Each Squad consists of a total of Four Players. Standard Battlefield.
  • Each Platoon consists of 5 Squads (20 Players)
  • Each Team consists of 5 Platoons (100 Players)

So with Five Primary Sectors, it is reasonable for a commander to assign a platoon to a particular Sector, and that Platoon Leader can then delegate objectives within each sector to individual squads.

So the Chain of Command and Communication is as Follows

Commander Communicates to Platoon Leaders > Platoon Leaders Communicate to Squad Leaders > Squad Leaders Communicate to his team membersSo there are a total of three chain links in command.

More Coming Soon — to be continuned.


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