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Battlefield 1942 on Recycled Computers to Prevent Youth Suicide

Content of the article: "Battlefield 1942 on Recycled Computers to Prevent Youth Suicide"

Hey guys,

For the past 2 years I've unsuccessfully been trying to contact someone at Origin/EA/Dice to get some more information regarding my issue, with no luck or any closure, and I'm unsure where else to turn, so I thought I'd give it one more shot on some reddit communities, you never know, my luck might change.

I live in New Zealand, and I run a multiplayer video gaming business, where we intercept desktop computers from going into the landfill and being thrown out at the dump, and repurpose them to host large multiplayer video gaming events for kids and teenagers in the local community, in an effort to alleviate Youth Suicide, School Bullying and Child Poverty, of which New Zealand has one of the worst rates of statistically in the developed world.

Our organisation has won many awards for our work, and have even had many video game developers contribute multiple copies of their games, even from places like California and Europe, and even big names like Riot have been in touch with me directly.

As you can imagine, the computers we find aren't the best, but some of the best multiplayer games to have up to 64 people in the same game are often older games anyway, particularly Battlefield 1942, which won't need much horsepower.

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However, no matter how hard I've tried, I'm unable to find 64+ copies of Battlefield 1942. I've tried contacting EA multiple times over the last 2 years, but they just tell me to buy multiple copies on Ebay, which would be an absolute nightmare.

EA Customer Support keeps saying that they will 'escalate' the case as an important case to get some definitive results on from higher up the chain, but it's been over 8 months since the last case was elevated, and I've had multiple attempts at this over 2 years with no results and nobody ever getting back to me.

Ultimately, the same story I get told is that I've been told by customer support that Battlefield 1942 is a 'Sunset Game' that has been discontinued, and I'm unable to buy copies from them.

I see that there are MANY places online that are distributing the full Battlefield 1942 client, claiming that it is completely legal to do so, as apparently Battlefield 1942 was released for 'Free' temporarily on Origin many years ago, but has been since removed. I am just not sure it is a good idea for me to take this approach without legitimately purchasing multiple copies, as I have not found any definitive legal information regarding the state the game currently exists in and which domain, publicly or not.

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I would really appreciate any support or advice regarding this, or if anyone had any contacts I might be able to try.

I would also like to try find the same results for Battlefield 2, Battlefield Vietnam and 2142, as these would also be great to play.

My only other hope is this get's upvoted enough for someone at the head office to spot it and give me some sort of confirmation.

I appreciate it guys, it would be great to get something positive here for Battlefield 1942, as for such a masterpiece to fade into obscurity like it has is such a tragedy.


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