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Is it worth paying over 120$ for a MMO BF game like planetside 2? Not free to play and no pay to win.

Like to see what a Battlefield deigned around a planetside 2 type experience/platform/gameplay would look like minus the pay for weapons aspect.

Might be time to create a "standard" base modern/future BF that over the years evolves and pretty much becomes the go to BF game for modern/future theme weapons and gear game play. While on the side you create themed BF games like cold war or whatever. So if people wanna play themes like ww2 or civil war etc….people can purchase those side games while BF Unremitting or BF Relentless ( a few titles meaning never ending, impossible to stop or prevent) is the BF game that takes the best from a game like planetside 2 and ends up being 10yr long lasting evolving modern/futuristic BF game.

Player logs into a massive battle and when a player logs off same control the map battle continues. Mixing all the modes into a massive battleground always on going regardless if a player is logged in or not. All the modes all mixed into a massive MMO FPS BF game that could even mix in elements of a battle royal game like loot placements. I would stay away loot that gives players extra shielding or armor. Mainly loot like guns, ammo, gadgets, some sort of kill streak type ability(being rare- adjusted based on game play testing), and maybe bring back commander elements.

Also bring back the large structure destruction like in BF 4. Different structures placed all around the map like a giant dam can be demolished changing the surroundings/game play of that given area of the map. These structures can be reset by creating two or three massive maps that the game would rotate between after the victory condition is achieved be either faction. Planetside 2 has an alert system and at the end of the alert the factions that controls largest % of the massive map wins. The map will lock factions and fighting moves to another massive map. Maps in planetside 2 are themed. One map is jungle the others snow and desert….Once the map is locked and players switch maps the large structures that were demolished reset for when the map opens again.

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Just a thought. > BattleField Unremitting


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