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Battlefield V’s 7.2 Update in a Alternate Dimension

Hey folks,

Last October, we released the Pacific update. Which brought in many new players to the Battlefield Franchise. Even more so with the release of Midway, Solomon Islands, and Wake Island at the end of last year.

We recognize that we have not listened to the community in the past and we have suffered greatly from it. Moving forward, we have decided to work more closely with the community, listening as we go. Offering a more direct interaction with the people that would bring DICE to where it stands today, our customers.

Now, as a result of working closely with you, our player counts are higher than ever. We just want to say thank you for giving us a second chance, in return we will try our best, to bring you the World War 2, Battlefield experience you've all been waiting for. In the future, our team in LA will push to release a road map that will illustrate where we will go after Chapter 7.

Battlefield Dev Team

📷 The Rhine

Battlefield V – 7.2 Update

For our 2nd update of Chapter 7: The Beginning of the End, we’re bringing 2 new maps, 7 new weapons, and 2 new gadgets to Battlefield V, all of which will be available for you to play with next week when our 7.2 update goes live.

The first of the two maps is a reworked and redesigned map from the Last Tiger war story called, The Rhine. Set in a war torn German city , this is a tight and urban based map, where you can expect both close-quarter fights and tank combat depending on where you are on the battlefield. It’s 64 players on Conquest, Breakthrough and Invasion, with additional configurations available on Squad Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Frontlines, and Rush.

The second map is another redesigned map, this time from the Tirailleur war story called Dragoon. The map is based around the US army's contributions in Operation Dragoon. In this map, you'll experience intense close quarter combat as well as long range fighting through the forests of Southern France. This 64 player map is available on Conquest, Breakthrough, Invasion, as well as the smaller game modes.

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When we released Overlord and The Bulge in update 7.0, many of you were frustrated that we didn't include iconic American weapons in the update. These weapons included the M1A1 Thompson and the M1903 Springfield. We've heard your calls and we've acted upon them. Subsequently, in update 7.2 we have added some iconic world war 2 weapons and gadgets that you've all been waiting for.

To further support chapter 7's launch we've added many new authentic uniforms for you all to purchase in the armory. After seeing these changes with very positive feedback, we've decided to put our initiative into making a more authentic world war 2 experience for you with this update. In update 7.2, we will rework some pre-existing outfits to a more authentic feel while also maintaining parts and aspects of the original outfit.

In the full Update Notes below, we've listed out all of the new weapons and gadgets being added in this update. Players who download and login to Battlefield V throughout the next few weeks will receive these items as login rewards, which you’ll be able to accept from the Armory, and equip via the Company. Later in July, these items will revert to the Company for purchase with Company Coin, for anyone who wasn’t able to login and claim the items during this time.

The update goes live on the 29th across all platforms starting at 07:00 UTC and I’ll keep you updated via the usual channels on its rollout.

Maps & Modes

New Maps:

  • The Rhine (Conquest, Breakthrough, Invasion, TDM, Squad Conquest, Rush, Frontlines)
  • Dragoon (Conquest, Breakthrough, Invasion, TDM, Squad Conquest, Rush, Frontlines)

Additional Changes:

  • Overlord – Fixed the Barbed Wire that is not able to be destroyed by the Bangalore Torpedo.
  • Aerodrome – Removed the stationary weapon fortification that was placed into the ground near Sector F.
  • The Bulge – Added foxhole fortifications which can be used as MG nests when paired with the deployable M2 Browning gadget.
  • Marita – Fixed a hole in the wall by Zervos Farm which could be exploited.
  • The Bulge – Fixed issue where the trench fortification would not build properly in some instances near the Forest Camp.
  • Iwo Jima – Invasion – Iwo Jima now features Invasion.
  • Pacific Storm – Invasion – Pacific Storm now features Invasion.
  • Midway – Carrier Assault – Added AT mine protection on the IJN Kaga which prevents allied bombers from spawn killing Japanese planes.
  • Underground – Fixed an exploit that could disable smoke effects.
  • Combined Arms – Fixed the missing tab on the end of round screen.
  • Firestorm – Players will no longer enter a bleed out state when playing solo mode.
  • Practice Range – Added the missing Panzerbüchse 39 & Boys AT Rifle bi-pod when using them on the range.
  • Firestorm – Added the new weapons and gadgets.
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📷 Dragoon

Weapons & Gadgets

New Weapons:

  • M1A1 Thompson (Assault)
  • Owen Gun (Medic)
  • FM 24 (Support)
  • M1903 Springfield (Recon)
  • Mauser C96 (all classes)
  • Hi-Power (all classes)
  • Nambu Type 14 (all classes)

New Gadgets:

  • M2 Browning (Support)
  • Panzerschreck (Assault)

Additional Changes:

  • Added a suppressor specialization for the Sten.
  • The Breda M1935 PG’s fire switching sound can now be heard.
  • Fixed a bug where smoke grenades would sometimes detonate in different positions for different clients, or not detonate at all.
  • Fixed a bug where the Bangalore torpedo would register not damage at all.


Vehicle Changes:

  • Improved the transition to ragdoll when players die in a vehicle and made it so the vehicle/wreck is followed for the victim to make it a more interesting experience.
  • Fixed an issue with the Panther that was causing it not to steer as well as intended when moving at higher speeds.
  • Smoke screen weapons on tanks and airplanes now properly block spots, and name tags.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the vehicle UI to show an incorrect position of the cannon, if the player had used it, and then switched seats.
  • Fixed a bug where the AA specialization for the M8 Greyhound would do very minimal damage to infantry and planes.


  • 500lb bombs now have lowered blast damage, and increased irreparable damage to make it a two-pass kill.
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SBD Dauntless

  • Improved dive brakes.

Aichi D3A1

  • Improved Specialization tree to better compete with the Dauntless.


Fletcher Class Destroyer

  • Fixed issue where some of the cannons will not register any damage.

Fubuki Class Destroyer

  • Improved sinking animation
  • Improved anti air guns

📷 The Rhine


New Soldier Characters:

  • 4 New United Kingdom Faction Soldiers.
  • 5 New Japanese Faction Soldiers.
  • 3 New United States Faction Soldiers.
  • 6 New German Faction Soldiers.

    Additional Changes:

  • Fixed a bug that would in some cases play the wrong voice over when a soldier spots a bomber.

UI & Other

  • Fixed an issue that would cause spotted enemies to not show on the mini-map if the player walked into their own smoke.
  • Added the missing descriptions for the Panther, Fletcher Class Destroyer, and Mogami Class Cruiser in the statistics tab.

Player feedback

As always, we value your input, and we want you to reach out to us with feedback. For general feedback, please use our Battlefield V section on the Battlefield forums or join us on the Battlefield V subreddit and Discord.

Should you encounter any issues or bugs we recommend that you report them on our Battlefield V – Answers HQ forum.

You can also reach out to our Battlefield Community Managers on Twitter if you have any further topics that you would like us to write about in future blog posts.

You can reach them on Twitter @PartWelsh and @Braddock512.


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