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BF2042: Thoughts after 10 hours of gameplay

So, what are my thoughts on the game after 10 hours?

Overall, I honestly have to say its…not bad, it's just not exactly great either.

The games biggest flaws all seem to stem from what I see as a lack of common sense design and the influence of very obvious corporate meddling from EA. The inclusion of specialists is blatantly an excuse to sell more skins and cosmetics via microtransactions, implemented in such a way it is overall detrimental to the core gameplay.

The lack of common sense is visible in several features, or lack thereof. No doubt these have been discussed to death here on this sub, but lets go over the main ones.

1) Everyone looks the same!

Obviously, there are coloured markers above players heads, but in the split second of seeing someone come around the corner, its almost impossible to see it. This, combined with the fact the spotting system doesn't seem to work at all aside from vehicles, means its almost impossible to know who's here until someone's shooting.

My number 1 cause of death is hesitating to shoot someone because I have no clue who the hell is friend or foe unless they're right in front of me. Plus, since we all share the same character models, I could be playing Boris with my friend Boris and get killed by enemy Boris who revives his friend Boris. It makes combat seem baffling.


Making new character models for faction specific specialists might be a bit much for the dev team right now, but at the very least giving them different coloured uniforms and making spotting a functional mechanic would make it less awful to differentiate friend from foe.

2) Specialists are more generic than classes!

This is another big complaint, done to death here, but it also needs to be said over and over again so that DICE understands this.

Specialists that can choose any combination of weapons and gadgets are differentiated by only two things – their class gadget and their player model.

Gameplay wise, they're all much for muchness.

Ironically, classes are proper specialists, in the sense they specialise in certain playstyles with specific loadouts. Specialists are more like generalists, honestly. They're jack of all trades, not focused characters. The only unique thing they bring to the table is their gadget, which, after ten hours of use, doesn't seem to impact the game all that much.

I've not been healed by one syringe gun, only been killed by a sentry gun once, been EMP'd once, and barely see grapple guns get used.


Specialists should be reorganised into subsets of the 4 primary classes: Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon.

After choosing your class, you choose which specialist you'll play, which focuses on a specific subset of that playstyle. IE; there will be some engineer specialists more focused on repairs than those focused on destroying enemy vehicles. There will be an assault specialist who will bring grenade launchers rather than the syringe gun, etc.

Each class should be required to bring a support gadget, such as med kit for Assault, repair tool for Engineers, ammo bags for support and auto-spotters for Recon. These gadgets can take the place of the grenade in the quick bar. This ensures that people will play to the strength of that class and actually support their team rather than lone wolf the entire game.

Overall, it means Specialists have their specific gadget, universal class gadget, and one customisable gadget specific to the class – recon players should not have ammo bags, and engineers should not have laser targetters, for instance. This is common sense; each class plays to their strengths. If a sniper can take infinite ammo with them everywhere, where's the incentive NOT to camp?

3) Lack of team synergy

With everyone being able to pick and choose their weapons and gadgets will minimal restrictions, I feel many players will inevitably prioritise a killing loadout rather than a support loadout. In 10 hours of gameplay I found it hard to discern the people actually contributing unless they made sure to run up to people and throw ammo/health at them.

Additionally, the lack of in game call-outs/requests and the unreliability of the ping/spotting system led me to feel like I was being the unhelpful idiot on the team. If I wasn't killing enemies, I found it hard to feel as if I was involved in the team or the game – it was more like running around a big chaotic sandbox without purpose.

This is also due to the fact the score system is hard to spot in game – the notifications about assists, heals, resupplies, etc is given in a small, plain text in the corner of the screen. In prior battlefields, it was front and centre, with big bold letters letting you know that yes, YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING.


An improved UI would go a long way. Information, such as scores, should be way more apparent than it is right now. The game provides you with very little feedback while everything is going on. Aside from how many sectors you control and the general kill/death count of the teams, most crucial information seems absent from the player screen midgame.

An improved spotting system (or, I should say, one that actually WORKS) would also be very helpful. I don't know where the hell enemies are until they've already started shooting at me, unless I happen to see them walk out into the open.

The communications rose from prior games better be a feature as well. I don't know who needs ammo or health from a glance; there's no flashing signs above their heads like there is when someone needs to be revived. You also can't request resupplies from teammates either. Why is that not a feature?

4) You cannot pet the dog!

You can't pet the robo dog.


Let us pet the robo dog.


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