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BF6 ammo variants

Got bored, so I figured I'd draft a proposal to BF6's potential bullet customization. Obviously, the game isn't even marketed yet but, it's fun to pretend lol.

So, irl there's a lot of different variants of the same kind of bullet. It would be cool to have these somewhat realistically represented, in game.

Disclaimer: All of this will be based off of BF4 bullet damage and range systems. I know it's not what we have in current games, what we have now is a much more simplified system but, BF6 is seeming to be a return to the BF3/4 game design so, maybe they'll bring it back, who knows. Also, to understand any of this you'll probably need to be familiar with BF4 statistics i.e. damage drop off, multipliers, velocity, recoil vectors etc. As well as, the way they were documented on

So, imma go ahead and jump into it…

  • Standard FMJ(default BF4 projectile):
    – 1.00 Chest damage multiplier
    – 2.00 Headshot damage multiplier
    – .90 Leg damage multiplier
    – 1.00 recoil multiplier
    – 1.00 First shot recoil multiplier
    – 1.00 bullet velocity multiplier
    – 1.00 range based modifiers
    – 1.00 ammo reserve(starting ammo)
    i.e. Your standard bullet effects.

For these next ones I'll be listing advantages then, disadvantages. Also, if I don't list a specific attribute, it means it's the same as default.

  • AP Rounds:
    – 1.10 Chest damage multiplier
    – 1.20 Damage drop-off END(added range)
    – 1.10 Bullet velocity
    – .90 Leg damage multiplier(remember, default is .90 so, this would be %10 less than that.)
    – 1.20 Vertical recoil multiplier
    – .80 ammo reserve
    i.e a good round for support and recon roles
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  • HP Rounds:
    – 1.25 headshot damage multiplier
    – 1.00 Leg damage multiplier
    – 1.20 Damage drop-off START
    – 1.20 Ammo reserve
    – .95 Vertical recoil multiplier
    – .90 Bullet velocity
    – .75 Damage drop off END(reduced range)
    – .90 Chest multiplier
    i.e most effectively used with PDW's and Carbines

  • Subsonic Rounds
    Disclaimer: They would need to rework suppressors in order to make these make sense. I figure, they just make it so suppressors by themselves eliminate muzzle flash, slightly reduce vertical recoil, and hipfire accuracy. +suppressor sound.
    – 'When paired with a suppressor, subsonic ammo will make your weapon nearly noiseless and remove you from the map when firing.'
    – 1.10 Damage drop-off START(subsonic stuff is a lot higher grain so, I think this makes some sense.)
    – .85 vertical recoil multiplier
    – .85 first shot recoil multiplier
    – .90 leg damage multiplier
    – .60 Damage drop-off END
    – 300m/s bullet velocity
    – .80 Ammo reserve
    – Cool subsonic suppressed noise.
    So, a good choice for PDW players looking to stay off the map. Also, seeing as weapons that shoot .45acp are already subsonic, it should receive the immediate primary benefit of subsonic rounds, without needing to equip it.

Aaand, that's it. That's basically what I formulated in my head, and wanted to get it on paper. Can't wait for BF6!

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