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BF6 Gadget/Game Mechanic Blacklist ~ Feel Free to Suggest!

Content of the article: "BF6 Gadget/Game Mechanic Blacklist ~ Feel Free to Suggest!"

While it is always a good thing for a community to provide their ideas and feedback for things they would LIKE to see in Battlefield 6 (assuming it will be a modern setting), I think it would be foolish not to discuss things that we would NOT LIKE TO SEE …consider it somewhat of a 'lessons learnt' exercise*.

The following are my pet peeves that remain irritating to this very day having returned to some of the older titles (particularly Battlefield 4), some of which I considered questionable from launch as an infantry player and Battlefield enthusiast (started with Battlefield 1942: Road to Rome):

  1. Thermal/FLIR/IR for both infantry and vehicles. Stop cheesing your target identification capabilities of infantry, vehicles and mines. Some may claim that you should throw smoke/flares to mess with the sights…not really going to help when you're half a map away and the tank needs only shift 3 meters to get a clear angle. (A solution to this would be to provide an NV Goggles mechanic that you can preset for certain maps and toggle manually, with no element of heat signatures)
  2. Active Protection (Ground Vehicles). It definitely is irritating when the enemy tank is able to simply press a button to take NO DAMAGE when given an specific audio signal, allowing them to retreat safely and poke out again when the protection is back online in a matter of seconds. This is made even worse in cases where you need to keep a direct lock on the target (e.g. Javelin lock), and they are able to retaliate thanks to the Thermal sights mentioned in Point 1. (A solution would be to HEAVILY REDUCE the damage taken, approx. 25% damage from hits, while the ability is active, and possibly a mobility debuff for the duration.)
  3. Frag Rounds on Shotguns. While streaming 2 days ago ( ), I ran into a guy spawning on a beacon via parachute, armed with a Saiga 12K with Frag Rounds and IR (again, Point 1 showing up again). Particularly in a Hardcore match, this mechanic proved always left the player with 3-4 kills before even hitting the ground, barely giving time for one to get close to the beacon to stop the shenanigans temporarily. I will admit, I thought that this rare species had disappeared from the game, but I would hope the devs rather not risk such behavior becoming the norm in a new title. (As for the reason why he was killing people so quickly, I tend to be a Hardcore game-mode player – hence the insta-death what feels like a 5 meter radius.)
  4. Anti-Aircraft Vehicles. We all know that feeling, when these AA vehicles (again, usually armed with Points 1 and 2) lurk around the edge of the map; slaughtering both infantry and aircraft in view, before retreating the safety of their base at the first sight of an enemy tank or suffering the slightest bit of damage.
  5. Lack of Hardcore at Launch. Although probably one of the lesser oversights of Battlefield 5, I do believe that the lack of a Hardcore game-mode/ability to host Hardcore servers may have scared off some of the people who enjoyed a quicker TTK (Time To Kill) and a bit more of a challenge as they deemed fit. (Solution -> Have Hardcore available at launch!)
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Feel to leave your own suggestions and thoughts down below! Keep in mind, these are my personal opinions and we each have the right to agree/disagree 🙂

To the Devs: I hope that this thread can somehow be deemed useful this early in development, and I look forward to seeing what your next title brings to the table! Always happy to help where possible.


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