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Bf6 vehicle health system + dirt/ground physics

In this post I will be talking about how they could update the vehicle health system and ground physics

First I will be talking about the vehicle health then later on ground physics

Here we go

better vehicle damage system Instead of the hit mark hit mark then explode Which is pretty unsatisfying and boring

What if the vehicles had a metal bending system like beamng And destruction like besiege (basically fully destructible)

There could be be parts that can cause some serious damage if hit correctly you can shoot the engine for it slow down the vehicle here are some stages of damage

Stage 1 small oil leak that can limit the time in air but not much damage over all

Stage 2 engine failure This can sometimes stop the engine or slow down the vehicle a lot If the engine stops there will be a timer and after it you will be able to operate again

Stage 3 fire The engine will start to lit fire and you will have to extinguish it And if you don’t in time either your vehicle will completely stop or the vehicle explodes

Stage 4

Will be caused if the engine been critically shot

Instead of fire or anything it just completely stops

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In this case your In a helicopter

You can either jump out or pull up and pray that when you hit the ground it digs in and not explode I will explain the dig part later in the post

You can also shoot other parts for example a plane you can shoot the the wing and it will lose speed and you won’t be able to control that part of the plane You can also use a missle and fire it at the middle and separate the plane

Which also brings up the part where everything is destructible so you can be in a helicopter and the cockpit could be shot by a missle and that part of the helicopter is separated as you hurtle into a building

Another thing that can be done since every thing is destructible is for example the engine gets separated from you heli you can aim for a building and crash land into one of the floors and hope you don’t get crushed by the metal

Nows the part about the dig in thing

better dirt/ground physics Right now the ground does not have that much destruction to it So if possible they could have some mud type fluid system where a car will actually dig in

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a heli or plane could crash in the dirt will and it will reduce damage the certain parts
And when you crash it will cause a trail like what happened with the plane in Iwo Jima

If with all the cushioning I will still be deadly because when you crash things like metal parts can fly up into your face if your glass is broken If it isn’t broken the dirt will build up there Which is highly unlikely because when you crash debris will shatter the window

Here is a example

Though if this is added they could make in dig in a lot more then in the vid To make it encased with dirt

Bonus ideas The way this works is I add ideas to the post even after it was created so it works like


All vehicles have fuel so you will have to resupply at the vehicle station

For boats they have there own special stage

Stage 5

Hull breach

This is where the ship slowly sinks unless they repair

When crashing Let’s say it’s a forest Instead of the tree just breaking when hit it will bend and the dirt will move the tree


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