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BFV Currency balance (BOINS)

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BFV Currency balance (BOINS)

I bet there are more people like me, who love to collect every weapon in the game. Even the melee weapons. But a lot of those are hidden behind those awful Elites (we hated the Elites already in BF1, why put them in BFV as exclusives?).

So if you want to get all melee weapons, then you need to buy all Elites. You need to buy them one by one (9900 BOINS) or the Elite Bundle with all(?) of them (cost 4000 BOINS ).

So how do we get BOINS except buying them with a credit card?

You get up to 100 a week, so it will only take you 40 weeks (0.7 years) of doing the weekly mission to afford the Elite Bundle. But you may have notice that they only give BOINS every 2 weeks now. So.. It will probably take close to 1.5 year only to unlock the melee weapons as long you don't miss any weekly mission. It would take close to 2-4 years of playing the game if you buy the elites one by one (great balance DICE).

Maybe you want a cool skin for a weapon or character?

That will take you 2 months to up to a half year of playing.

There is no other way to do assignments or daily quests even to "farm" BOINS. Not even by just playing the game. Not even a way to convert CC to BOINS.

I really really hope DICE will plan the next game better when it comes to skins and currency balance (Please go back to an assignment system to unlock most stuff!!!). Why should they be so hard to unlock and so expensive to buy them if there is no value in the skins? You can't sell them or do anything with them.

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My suggestion is they should improve the sources you gain BOINs from (even daily sources). This would give players a reason to use the shop instead of waiting months or YEARS to do so. People who enjoy buying skins with real money will still do that. But… 1-4 years to unlock some melee weapons is just silly.


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