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What are some fun stories/experiences you’ve had with random players on the enemy team?

Content of the article: "What are some fun stories/experiences you’ve had with random players on the enemy team?"

So story time, what are some things you did with people on the enemy team/your team?

  • Has to be a story with someone you just met in Battlefield
  • Must include or be relevant to the enemy team
  • You can include a conversation you had with randoms (e.g. xbox message/party chat)
  • Include which Battlefield to keep it relevant

So in early BF3 days I use to play on the xbox, with no fun way to interact with people at the time, I would sometimes message random players. On *Operation Firestorm there is a area north of the map, no objectives and out of the way; I had messaged a player if they wanted to play a game “Predator vs Soldier” or something, essentially the Predator can use UAV & Knives only, and the Soldier can only use a Pistol to fight them off. What made this fun was, at the time there was no counter-knife, so you would instantly die to a melee attack, and we would be fighting to see who was sneakier, and it was a blast since no one would come to the area I picked.*

Now Battlefield 4, still on the xbox, I had convinced another person, but this time this person invited his friends, and I had one other person with me, and we were all in a Party Voice Chat, so I got a good opportunity to chat with them; Important note, none of us was allowed to ping a player, or else the rest of the server would see us and interrupt, so no one could abuse the 3D marking. This time we were on Caspian Border, fooling around at the Attenna playing Predator vs Soldier, at this time I knew about the “Candy Man” urban legend and started to make jokes about it, until one of the guy’s friends started to get scared. This got me excited. I started to play with him “say my name 3 times, and I will come for you”, he starts freaking out but says it 3 times, “Candy man, Candy man, Candy man”, his friends start helping him by staying nearby, keeping an eye out for me. Then I see my opportunity sneak up behind Wham!, “AAAAA!!!” he screamed getting grabbed from behind, and I laugh my head off, as I was hiding in a bush prone the entire time, it was pure bliss that moment and my absolute favorite gaming moment since we all laughed it off after.

Ok this one is more of a community one, it was the nearly the end of the match and it was a 1-sided game. I noticed that there was less than 5 players left, and I called out *“Zombie mode!!! Melee Only! Melee Only!”*, and believe me or not, I started to see people running with melee out, bum rushing, as we let the final soldiers gun us down xD it was a absolute pleasure seeing this, I think only 1 dude didn’t get the memo, but they fixed that in a moment and was joining us. I’ve had some other times I’ve tried saying it, but that was the only time unfortunately.

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