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BFV’s gunplay is awesome, but terrible to balance

Content of the article: "BFV’s gunplay is awesome, but terrible to balance"

Before I say anything: I just want to say that I like BFV's gunplay, just like I liked BF1's and 3's. But just because I like it doesn't mean it is flawless, because it is not, but I am going to talk about it over here.

BFV's gunplay is one of the most like in the series and for a good reason. It is simple and very reliable, what is bad about it though, is how difficult it is to balance it out. Why is that?

Lack of spread

While spread may be considered "bad", every game had it, BF3, BF4, BFBC2, BF1 and BFV has it, but not in the same way others do. Bullets don't deviate from your barrel or crosshair, but create random recoil. This means if you learn to control it you have a laser gun, which isn't hard considering most BFV guns have low recoil. This causes you to kill easily at any range by just holding M1, which ain't very skillful. At least not in mechanical sense (not counting reaction time etc.).

But while spread is normally used to keep guns away from being lasers, what not having it in BFV leave us at? What kind of balance changes you can do to make weapons not too strong on all ranges?

  • Greatly Increasing recoil – This option is the one people use the most, but if you see in the Battlefield past, most guns had recoil but not as much as you think, because of spread being balancing factor too. But if we increased recoil on some guns it would make them unusable (Suomi, Semis, SLRs), and people would still use ones with the lowest recoil. So this one is off the table.
  • Reducing damage at the range – This one is not liked in general, dealing 8 dmg per shot or so from far sucks. But you know what also sucks? Dying from 75 meters or so from STG44 or Thompson because he held M1. BFV allows this kinda stuff to happen, I can do it with EMP and other stuff, gun's accuracy simply allows you to snipe from far away with almost any weapon. Damage fall-off to the point of 5.2 while had good intentions, wasn't liked at whole. Off the table as well.
  • Giving spread – Adding a completelly new mechanic to guns to make them resemble past games, would recquire a lot of time and work, and it could probably do other bad things. Also "spread bad" so that fixes it.
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TL:DR BFV's gunplay is awesome, but it is a bitch to balance. Most people use easiest guns with lowest recoil like STG44 or Lewis and even if they don't they can snipe you from far with them. There is no good way of changing it to make guns worse at range without a controversy or shit from the community. But that shows that it ain't perfect, which is good, as no gunplay in any BF game is perfect.


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