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Bigger Maps and Higher Player Count Were not Worth the Trade Offs–BFV’s Best Mechanics Were Dumped in 2042

I just cancelled my pre-order for 2042 (I wanted early beta access, okay?)

I was really looking forward to BF2042. That's pretty much non-existent after 4 hours of playing the beta. Pretty much everything I think is wrong with the game has been said elsewhere on this sub, but we're going to do this one more time.

First of all, why would they go back on really good mechanics. Things like the mantling/clamber/climbing (whatever it's called) in BFV, including crouch sprint and more, are gone. On top of that the slide feels like shit. Why does my field of view change when sliding? It's really distracting. It's also so easy to spam. Which is made worse by the fact that there's so little penalty to aim while sliding and jumping that it makes the lobbies look like CoD MW19 with people hopping and sliding around (MW19 is a great game, but if I wanted to play MW19… I'd play that game, not Battlefield). The movement in general is really spazzy, or too mechanical feeling. When you vault over a railing while sprinting it feels like the momentum stops and then picks up again, instead of smoothly jumping over and carrying on. That persists across most of the movement too. I remember seeing a dev say 2042's movement was really similar to BFV. That was a lie, or at least a perspective I do not share. There's next to nothing similar about the movements, not even the slide is the same. Explosions don't knock you back, which is a small thing, but it really made BFV feel weighty and cinematic. Oh, also leaning from behind cover is gone for some reason?

Recoil is not an issue, maybe some people have experienced bugs, but there is recoil and it takes intentional mouse movements to tighten the bullet deviation. So, that's not really a complaint, but I've seen people locking on to that as if it's the most common and damning complaint.

The map is way too big. It's so big. Everyone knows this, that's why people have been clumping around the B flag (the tall building) and the D sector. Sometimes C sector. Also the fuckin' vehicle call in was bugged for me so I couldn't call in a scout car to get around quicker. Maybe that affected my view of the map a bit.

There's no teamplay. Literally I got revived twice in 4 hours of playing, by my squadmate. Medics were not rezzing people. Which I get! When I played the medic "specialist" the map is so big with next to no flow lines, so everyone that needed to be rezzed was almost 200 meters away; or there was no frontline to stop enemies from flanking while you revived (I never experienced picking up a loadout instead of reviving, but plenty of people have had that problem apparently). The specialists suck, and they clearly altered things about the gameplay just to show off the cosmetics you'll eventually get to buy–which is just so unnecessary. I bought skins in BFV, it's cool seeing them in first person when I'm downed, or just running around, and first person melee animations are just so much smoother.

I feel like all they had to do was take BFV's movement, add traversal/tac sprint, make the maps like 50% bigger instead of 180%, and make specialists class bound. The game would be so much better and enjoyable. I got so bored playing for a couple of hours (with full player lobbies! No big bot lobbies) the only time I felt a hint of excitement was when the tornado flew in or the rocket blew up.

I honestly think they pushed double the player count and huge maps, only to kneecap critical gameplay dynamics and mechanics because hardware couldn't handle all of it. At least I want to believe it was not a deliberate, planned choice to remove so many good elements of battlefield.

Game looks fine, again, would prefer smaller maps and less pop in/higher fidelity. The trade off for more player and bigger maps was not worth it. Bigger does not equal better in and of itself.

Was really hoping this game would improve on the previous Battlefields, not remove so many important mechanics. Guess I'll be playing more BF4, BF5, and Valorant lol.


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